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Draughts or checkers is a group of strategy Board games for two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform game pieces and mandatory captures by jumping over opponents pieces. Draughts developed from alquerque. The name comes from the verb to draw or to move. The most popular forms are English draughts, also called American checkers, played on an 8×8 chessboard, Russian draughts, is also played on 8×8, and international checkers is played on a 10×10 Board. There are many other options, played on 8×8 boards. Canadian checkers and Singapore / Malaysia checkers also known as doom is play ...


Checkers (disambiguation)

Checkers movie 1937, the 1937 American drama film. Checkers film 1913 lost silent film. Checkers American group, vocal group of the 1950s years. Checkers game, Board game. Roman checkers, a young adult fiction novel by Australian author John Marsden. Checkers film of 1919, lost 1919 American silent film melodrama. Checkers is a Japanese band, a Japanese idol group of the 1980s.


Handball at the 2008 Summer Olympics

Handball at the summer Olympics 2008 was held from 9 to 24 August at the Olympic sports center and national indoor stadium. Medals were awarded as mens and womens team competitions. The national Olympic Committee was allowed to enter one male team and one female team in the competition in handball.


Jamie Robinson (rugby player)

Jamie Peter Robinson is a former Wales international Rugby player who played outside centre. He attended Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf and his younger brother Nick Robinson. He speaks the Welsh language. Robinson became a famous game for Cardiff Blues. He played for Wales under 19S, under 21S, Wales and played in the youth world Cup in 1999 when Wales reached the final, losing to New Zealand along with fellow Cardiff Blues player Rhys Williams. Before playing his first match for Wales against Japan in 2001 where he scored a try on his debut. He has maintained a place in Wales until he was in ...


List of Go players

This section provides an overview of the known professional and Amateur players games have been going on for centuries. The page was divided into sections based on the era in which players played and the country in which they are played. As it is not necessarily their country of birth, and the flag of that country precedes every player name. A complete list of player articles, see category:GO players. Important dates that this separation is based on: The creation of four to walk home in the early Tokugawa. Death at home in the Meiji period of the late 19th century and their subsequent repl ...


List of Djurgårdens IF Fotboll players

This list is about Djurgårdens IF players with at least 100 league appearances. For a list of all Djurgårdens IF players with a Wikipedia article, see Category:Djurgårdens IF Fotboll players. For the current Djurgårdens IF first-team squad, see First-team squad. This is the list of djurgården players with at least 100 matches in the League. Sven Lindman is the player with the highest Allsvenskan appearances, 312 matches and the Allsvenskan goals Gosta Sandberg, 70.GOSTa Sandberg is the player with the most number of matches in the League, 322 matches. GOSTa Sandberg scored the most goals i ...


List of Swedish ice hockey champions (players)

Swedish Champions in ice hockey-this title is awarded annually to the winning team of the playoffs top-tier hockey League in Sweden, which is currently the Swedish hockey League. It was first awarded to IR Hoth in 1922, the League first year. In the current championship format PS not entered into force, as long as the League was created in the 1975-76 season under the name Elitserien. The team that wins the Swedish championship is awarded the Le Mat trophy. Djurgården has the most titles in history with 16 titles. The most recent Swedish Champions HC Frelunda, who won his fourth title in c ...


Basketball Bundesliga Most Valuable Player

Basketball Bundesliga MVP award, which is awarded annually to the best player in the regular season of the basketball Bundesliga, which is the top Professional basketball League in Germany.


Primary nutritional groups

Main groups food groups of organisms, divided in relation to power mode in accordance with the sources of energy and carbon necessary for life, growth and reproduction. Energy sources can be light and compounds, inorganic or organic sources of carbon can be of organic or inorganic origin. The terms aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration and fermentation do not refer to primary nutritional groups, but simply reflect the different use of possible electron acceptors in particular organisms, such as O 2 in aerobic respiration or nitrate no 3 − sulphate-so 4 2− or fumarate in anaerobic resp ...


2014 in archaeology

January 7 report in the journal Nature reports that some Tsinghua bamboo scrolls are "the worlds oldest example of the multiplication table in base 10".

  • The Charlotte Checkers are a minor - league professional ice hockey team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are members of the Atlantic Division of
  • Sternhalma, commonly known as Chinese checkers US and Canadian spelling or Chinese chequers UK spelling is a strategy board game of German origin
  • The Charlotte Checkers were a minor league professional ice hockey team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The team began as the Baltimore Clippers in
  • Malaysian checkers or Singaporean checkers is a variant of the board game of draughts played primarily in Malaysia and Singapore, especially among the
  • The 2013 14 Charlotte Checkers season is the franchise s fourth season in the American Hockey League, which began on October 4, 2013. Charlotte remained
  • The Charlotte Checkers were an American ice hockey team in Charlotte, North Carolina, and played in the ECHL formerly the East Coast Hockey League Following
  • the larger gameboard 12 12 squares instead of 10 10 and more checkers per player 30 instead of 20 The starting setup is shown in the diagram. Games
  • several World Man - Machine Checkers Championship matches of the checkers computer called Chinook against several human players Walker was a long - term friend
  • British English or checkers American English see spelling differences also called American checkers or straight checkers is a form of the strategy
  • Draughts British English or Checkers American English is a group of strategy board games for two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform game
  • WCDF champions list KNDB USA Checkers KNDB Old Time players page USA checkers World Draughts federation World Checkers Draughts Federation Draughts world
  • The 2014 15 Charlotte Checkers season is the American Hockey League franchise s 5th season in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. y indicates team
  • While Chinook became the world champion, it never defeated the best checkers player of all time, Tinsley, who was significantly superior to even his closest
  • The World Checkers Draughts Championship is the tournament of English draughts also known as American checkers or straight checkers which determines
  • Stadium Checkers also known as Roller Bowl is a tabletop race game for 2 to 4 players ages 8 to adult. The object of the game is to be the first to
  • Szabo player profile and games at Chessgames.com Hungarian Chess Federation Competitions Cleveland Public Library John G. White Chess and Checkers Collection
  • Tiers, also known as ultra checkers is a complex variant of checkers that allows players to upgrade their pieces beyond kings. It is played on a standard
  • Philosophy shogi checkers 哲学飛将碁 is a board game similar to English draughts, invented by Inoue Enryō, Japanese philosopher, and described by his student
  • archeological discoveries in Mesopotamia. It is a two player game where each player has fifteen pieces checkers or men which move between twenty - four triangles
  • hockey player and current assistant coach to the Carolina Hurricanes. He was the former head coach and general manager of the Charlotte Checkers of the
  • Dosca also plays other variants of draughts, such as Russian checkers and pool checkers and won numerous national championships in both variants. Ion
  • Muse from Texas Stars Charlotte Checkers February 29, 2016. Retrieved February 29, 2016. CHECKERS MUSE NAMED PLAYER OF THE WEEK American Hockey League
  • 15, 1912 June 3, 1974 was an eminent Soviet chess player chess writer, and checkers player Nezhmetdinov was born in Aktubinsk, Russian Empire, in
  • for the player to bring all their checkers around to their own home board and then bear them off. The player who bears off all of his checkers first wins
  • Arabic: محبوسة Each player starts with all fifteen checkers on the 24 - point. It is usual, but not necessary, to place only 2 checkers at the start and add
  • Multiple Player Moves Springfield Falcons. March 24, 2010. Retrieved April 1, 2011. Checkers Add Rookie Forward Beca Charlotte Checkers July 14
  • files. Each player controls twelve checkers which are initially arrayed as follows: The object of the game is to bring all of one s checkers together into
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