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trading card battle


Trade & Battle: Card Hero

Trade & battle: card hero is a role-playing card game developed by Nintendo R&amp D1 and intelligent systems and published by Nintendo for the Gameboy color. It was released in Japan on 21 February 2000.


Bertil Carlsson

Bertil Karlsson or Karlsson may refer to Bertil Karlsson weightlifter 1901-1975, Swedish Olympic weightlifter. Bertil Karlsson skier 1903-1953, the Swedish Olympic ski jumper. Bertil Karlsson 1919-2012, Swedish Olympic runner. Bertil 1901-1959 R. Karlsson, Swedish Olympic weightlifter.


Guy Carleton

Guy Carleton may refer to: General guy Carlton, 1857-1946, major General, U.S. army. Guy Carleton, 1st Baron Dorchester 1724-1808, Irish soldier and early Governor of Canada. Guy Bishop Carlton 1605-1685, Anglican Bishop.

Battle of Togoruba

Battle of Togoruba

The Battle of Togoruba took place on 15 March 1964, and was the first battle of the Eritrean War of Independence which involved the Ethiopian army instead of a Police unit. In the Battle, an Eritrean Liberation Front unit led by Mohamed Ali Idris was able to defeat the Ethiopian Army. The ELF suffered 19 dead, while the Ethiopian Army suffered 84 dead and many wounded.


Battle of Telay

The Battle of Telay was a battle of the Eritrean War of Independence, and took place in mid-1963. In battle, the Eritrean front of the liberation was headed by Omar Izaz managed to successfully ambush the Ethiopian police went from Gherger in Agordat, killing and capturing many prisoners, and capturing 17 guns. After she was told by the elves of purpose, was released several captured policemen and joined the Eritrean liberation front.

Battle of Ansaba

Battle of Ansaba

The Battle of Ansaba took place in autumn of 1963, and was part of the Eritrean War of Independence. It was fought in Jengeren, North of Keren, In Anseba Region. In battle, the Eritrean liberation front successfully ambushed an enemy convoy was heading from Keren to Halhal. In battle, the elf seized 23 guns including a Bren machine gun and ammunition. The ambush was led by Mohammed Idris Haj, who died from wounds which he received in opposition.


Battle of Yialousa

The Battle of Yialousa was an engagement in the Cyprus Emergency where EOKA guerillas attacked the police station at Yialousa, resulting in a 15-minute battle.

John Carlisle

John Carlisle

John Carlisle may refer to: John Carlisle actor 1935-2011, British actor. John Griffin Carlisle, 1834-1910, U.S. representative from Kentucky. John Carlisle 1863-1929 Australian politician, member of the Parliament of Victoria. John Carlisle 1942-2019 British politician, member of the Conservative party, the British Parliament and a member of the Conservative Monday club. John Nelson 1866-1931 Carlisle, Secretary of the new York Democratic party.


Kent Carlsson (disambiguation)

Kent Karlsson is a Swedish ex-tennis player. Kent Karlsson or Carlson may also refer to: Kent Carlson was born in 1962, hockey player. Kent Karlsson sailor was born in 1951, Swedish Olympic champion in sailing. Kent the politician 1962-1993 Carlsson, Swedish politician.


Battle of Ba Dau 1128

Battle of Ba Dau was in year 1128 between Dai Viet and Khmer Empire at a location of Nghe An, the south of Dai Viet. Result of battle is the victory of Vietnamese, but Khmer empire come back in 8 August 1128, with other Khmer force.

Cardinal Manning

Cardinal Manning

Cardinal manning may refer to Henry Edward 1808-1892 manning, English Roman Catholic Archbishop and cardinal. Timothy manning, 1909-1989, Archbishop of Los Angeles.

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