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All at Sea (ruleset)

For the 1957 movie of the same name, starring Alec Guinness, see Barnacle Bill. All at sea is a naval ruleset for games workshops miniature wargame the Lord of the rings strategy battle game. The official rules were a modified version of the rule ...


Ten Year Rule

Ten years of rule was a British government Directive, first adopted in August 1919, that the Armed forces should draft their estimates "on the assumption that the British Empire will not be involved in any major war in the next ten years." The of ...


One Definition Rule

The one definition rule a rule is the importance of the C programming language, which specifies that objects and non-inline function cannot have more than one definition in the whole program and the template and styles cant have more than one def ...


2018 Vintage Yachting Games – 12 Dinghy International Rule

12 Dinghy international rule was an event in the 2018 vintage yachting games program in Copenhagen, Denmark. Six of the eight scheduled races were completed. 22 sailors on 19 ships from nine countries.



Spittal-on-Rule is a farm in the council area of Scottish Borders in Scotland. As the name suggests it is situated on the river Rule Water, and the Spittal-on-Rule bridge crosses the Rule. More specifically, it lies where Rule Water meets the Riv ...


Islamic secondary rulings

Islamic Secondary rulings from Shia perspective the perspective of shia Islam religion.The secondary rulings are those deduced by a fully qualified jurist with due consideration for the circumstances and conditions of an individual or society. An ...

List of rulers of Czechs

List of rulers of Czechs

With the exception of the final office-holder, they each held strong Executive power in the country de facto. Title: 1948-1953, the President and first Secretary 1953-1971.

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