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Port Railroads, Inc.

Port Railroads, Inc. was a 105.7-mile shortline railroad owned by Kyle Railways. PRI was formed on March 13, 1994, to take over two Southern Pacific Railroad lines. One of SPs lines was the West Side Line between Fresno northwest to Oxalis, Calif ...


Precision railroading

Precision railroading or precision scheduled railroading is a concept in freight railroad operations pioneered by E. Hunter Harrison. It shifts the focus from older practices, such as unit trains, hub and spoke operations and individual car switc ...


Washington, D.C. railroads


Defunct Wyoming railroads


Defunct Wisconsin railroads


Defunct Washington (state) railroads

North Shore Railroad

North Shore Railroad

North Shore Railroad could refer to: North Shore Railroad Long Island Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad North Shore Line North Shore Railroad Pennsylvania North Shore Railroad California


Brock Railroad

The Brock Railroad was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Warren Car Company of Warren, PA. The business entity Brock Railroad Company was created with the Pennsylvania Department of State on February 17, 1982.


Rochester, Nunda and Pennsylvania Railroad

Rochester, Nunda and Pennsylvania Railroad was a New York railroad. Trains ran from Sonyea south through Nunda to Swain. Parts of the railroad were sold to the Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad. Other parts of the RN&P were graded near York, NY and Fowlerville, NY and also near Chili, New York, but no tracks were ever laid.

Wild Goose Railroad

Wild Goose Railroad

The Wild Goose Railroad was created by the Wild Goose Mining Company in Alaska. Charles D Lane acted as the President of the Wild Goose Mining company, until his death in 1911. The Wild Good Railroad was located in Nome, Alaska and ran from Nome to Lanes Landing, which was named after Charles D Lane. In 1903 the Wild Goose Railroad was reorganized as the Nome Arctic Railway.

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