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Peopleton is a village and civil parish in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire, England. In 2001 the parish had a population of 640, with 245 households.



PeopleTools consists of a proprietary software application originally developed by PeopleSoft Corporation, enterprise resource planning software provider acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2004. PeopleTools simplifies the deployment of both vendor-developed and specially designed applications using an Internet architecture known as the PeopleSoft Internet architecture. The main supplier-application development PeopleTools include: Hub Interaction. (Взаимодействие Концентратор) Solutions campus in CS. Human capital management HCM. Services Finance and delivery of FSCM management. Enterprise ...



Peoplefund.it is an online crowdfunding platform in the UK that operates in an All or Nothing method for individuals or groups to raise funds for creative projects. It was started by KEO digital, a digital media company based in London, UK.



PeoplePC was founded by Nick Grouf, Max Metral and David Waxman, and launched in the United States in October 1999. It bundled personal computers with internet service and access to discounted products and services. Initially funded by SoftBank, the companys mission was to "democratize technology." Its business model included collective buying, which allowed the company to generate additional revenue from advertising, partnerships, and premium products. In February 2000, the company announced that they will provide computers and Internet access for all employees of Ford Motor co. "Delta Ai ...



Peoples Telecommunication & Information Services Ltd. is a Bangladeshi fixed line operator. It is a private public switched telephone network operator, ISP and Hosted Call Centre Service Provider in Bangladesh.



Peopledesign is a brand innovation firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in 1997 as BBK Studio by Kevin Budelmann, Michael Barile, and Yang Kim, the company initially focused on traditional and emerging digital media, based on the founders shared backgrounds in graphic design and interaction design at Carnegie Mellon University and Herman Miller. In 2003, Barile left the company. On its 10-year anniversary in 2007, the company was renamed Peopledesign to re-emphasize its core values of collaboration and user-centered design. Peopledesigns work has been featured in publications such ...


Congolese people

The Congolese people may refer to: People from the following countries and regions. Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo-Kinshasa, formerly Belgian Congo. Republic of the Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, the former French Congo. The Congo basin, the sedimentary basin of the Congo river. Kongo people, an ethnic group Bantu in the Congo region.

East Indian people

East Indian people

East Indian people is a demonym, which is used in North America to refer to: People from South Asia, South Asian ethnic groups, or. People from India, the Indian people. Indo-Caribbean people with roots in India.

Cat People

Cat People

Cat people may refer to: Cat people 1942 movie, a horror film starring Simone Simon. "Cat people putting out fire", a song David Bowie and the title song from the film 1982. Cat people movie 1982 remake of the 1942 film starring Nastassja Kinski. Cat people comics, a humanoid species from the Marvel comics universe. Cat people and dog people, personality types.


List of people known as the Recluse

Recluse-is an epithet applied to: Abramios the recluse 290-360, Christian hermit and ascetic from Edessa. Theophan the recluse 1815-1894, Russian Orthodox Saint, Bishop and monk. Herman the Hermit, according to legend, in the 13th century Benedictine monk who wrote the Codex Gigas also known as the devils Bible. Zachariah the recluse, of the 4th century Egyptian Christian monk and ascetic.

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