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Enamel organ

The enamel organ, also known as the dental organ, is a cellular aggregation seen in a developing tooth and it lies above the dental papilla. The enamel organ is responsible for the formation of enamel, initiation of dentine formation, establishment of the shape of a tooths crown, and establishment of the dentoenamel junction. The enamel organ has four layers, the inner enamel epithelium, outer enamel epithelium, stratum intermedium and stellate reticulum. Dental papilla ectomesenchyme differentiated into the enamel organ will produce dentin and pulp of the tooth. The surrounding ectomesenchyme tissue, dental follicle, is a primitive cement, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone at the root of the tooth. The website where the inner enamel epithelium and outer enamel epithelium merge to cervical root, important in the proliferation of the tooth root.


Chordotonal organ

Chordotonal organs are stretch receptor organs in insects and other arthropods. They are located at most joints and are made up of clusters of scolopidia that either directly or indirectly connect two joints and sense their movements relative to one another. They can have both extero- and proprioceptive functions, for example sensing auditory stimuli or leg movement. The femoral chordotonal organ is thought to be functionally homologous to muscle spindles. The word was coined by Vitus Graber in 1882 though he interpreted them as being stretched between two points like a string, sensing vibrations through resonance.


Chela (organ)

A chela, also named claw, nipper, or pincer, is a pincer-like organ terminating certain limbs of some arthropods. The name comes from Greek through New Latin. The plural form is chelae. Legs bearing a chela are called chelipeds. Another name is claw because most chelae are curved and have a sharp point like a claw.


List of reflexes (by organ)


Subfornical organ

The subfornical organ is one of the circumventricular organs of the brain. Its name comes from its location on the ventral surface of the fornix near the interventricular foramina, which interconnect the lateral ventricles and the third ventricle. Like all circumventricular organs, the subfornical organ is well-vascularized, and like all circumventricular organs except the subcommissural organ, some SFO capillaries have fenestrae, which increase capillary permeability. The SFO is considered a sensory circumventricular organ because it is responsive to a wide variety of hormones and neurotransmitters, as opposed to secretory circumventricular organs, which are specialized in the release of certain substances.


Chorale setting (organ)

Inaro Kababali / Inaro Youth Organization Incorporated

Inaro Kababali / Inaro Youth Organization Incorporated

INARO KABABALI / INARO YOUTH ORGANIZATION INCORPORATED is registered under Security and Exchange Commission No. CN201515741. It aims to serve the people of Iba, Zambales.


Potonggang Organic Fertiliser Factory

The Potonggang Organic Compound Fertiliser Factory, located in Chŏngpyŏng-dong, Pyŏngchŏn-guyŏk, Pyŏngyang, North Korea, was opened in 2012 to produce organic fertiliser making use of sediments and fly ash from an adjacent sewage treatment plant and sludge from the Potong River. It is served by rail via the Pyŏngnam Line of the Korean State Railway.

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