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Mensural notation

Mensuales notation is the musical notation system used for European vocal polyphonic music from the second part of the 13th century to 1600. The term "mensuales" refers to the ability of this system to describe precisely measured rhythmic durations in terms of numerical ratio values note. Its modern name is inspired by the terminology of medieval theorists, who used terms like Musica mensurata or mensurabilis canthus to refer to the rhythmically defined polyphonic music of their age, in contrast to the plan or Musica choralis, i.e. Gregorian chant. Mensuales notation was used primarily for ...



Notation3, or N3 as it is more commonly known, is short for XML serialization structure model description a resource designed with human-readability in mind: N3 is much more compact and lighter than the notation of the XML format of RDF. The format was developed by Tim Berners-Lee and others from the semantic web community. Was published by Berners-Lee and others in 2008, the formalization of logic N3. N3 has several features that go beyond a serialization of RDF models, such as support for RDF-based rules. Turtle is a simplified, RDF-only subset of N3.


Nicole Notat

Nicole Notat, born 26 Jul 1947 in Chatrices, Marne, is the former General Secretary of the Union CFDT. Currently, she is the founder and President of vigeo, the company adheres to the concept of sustainable development. Notat is a member of the reflection group on the future of Europe chaired by Felipe Gonzalez and set by the European Council. The groups mission is to offer the European Council in March 2010 a Strategic road map Europe in 2020-2030. Since 2010 Notat served as President of Le Siecle, the first woman to do so. She was the first woman to lead the Union in France.


Whyte notation


The Notations

The group recorded for Tad Records early in their career, at a point in their career, Syl Johnson brought The Notations to Twinight Based in Chicago. The 1st million dollar seller was a song produced by Syl Johnson entitled "Im Still Here". The follow-up single to that was a song entitled "At The Crossroads" written by group member James Stroud. The original members were Clifford Curry, Lasalle Matthews, & James Stroud. The group stayed with Twilight Records until the doors closed. In 1973, the group was joined by Curtom / Gemigo records, the label owned and ran by Curtis Mayfield. The new ...


Betzas funny notation

Betzas funny notation, also referred to as Betza notation, is a compact method to describe the way pieces move in chess-like board games. It is in common use in the world of chess variants. It was originally invented by the American chess master Ralph Betza. There have been several proposals for it extension to games with more complex moves than the original system could handle. Betza notation is used in the XBoard graphical interface for chess-like games, where it can be used to configure the move generator used for highlighting possible moves, and preventing entry of illegal ones. It is ...

Medieval music notation.

Mensural Notation PDR Editions. Optional reading on the rhythm of medieval monophonic music down in mensural notation, or later had their notation corrected by someone who added. Prolation. Optical music recognition for scores written in white mensural notation. Jul 6, 2016 In the case of mensural music from the 16th century, the notation has certain characteristics that are quite different from modern notation and. Mensual notation. Mensuration in renaissance music introduction google - wiki.info. Dec 22, 2018 Even in the 19th century, dialects of Western music, which had been. Figure 6: The basic system of Franconian Mensural Notation. Tempus music. Evaluating omr on the early music online collection Aruspix. The notes in mensural notation are very similar to those in modern notation. Mensural signs that indicate these relationships for a piece of music appear at the.

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