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Naturescaping is a method of landscape design and landscaping that allows people and nature to co-exist with landscape design. By incorporating certain plants, especially native ones, in the yard, you can attract beneficial insects, birds and other creatures, and help keep our rivers and streams healthy. Extensive growth of cities and urbanization over the last century has had a significant impact on the environment, birds and other wildlife once called home. Homeowners with yards and gardens have a unique opportunity to reduce this loss of habitat by creating their own backyard wildlife g ...

Naturescaping Pure Water Partners.

Find out about NatureScape and how you can participate in making the world a better place. Save the Date – NatureScaping: An Outdoor FestivalFriends of. Good to Know. Garden located on the Northeast shore of Lake Nokomis at the conjunction of Woodlawn Boulevard, East 50th Street and East Lake Nokomis. ODFW Naturescaping How To. NatureScape is a direct install Turf to Native Garden Program that helps customers replace turf with a native, low water use landscape. NatureScape.

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