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Mustelodon is an extinct carnivore, which belongs to the family Viverravidae, a group of stem Carnivoramorpha. This genus contains only one species, Mustelodon primerus. Fossils of this animal found in the 57 million years old deposits of Lago Nandarajo, near the Northern border of Panama in Central America. Mustelodon had a length of about 80 cm head to tail, and the predator superficially resembled the modern mongooses. Mustelodon eating fruits, insects and small mammals such as shrews. It is closely connected with the better-known of Protictis from the Paleocene of the USA Wannagan Cree ...



Musth or periodic condition in elephants, characterized by highly aggressive behavior and accompanied by a large rise in reproductive hormones. The testosterone levels in musth elephant can be on average 60 times more than in the same elephant at other times to specific people, the testosterone levels can even reach as much as 140 times normal. However, whether this hormonal surge is the sole cause of musth, or merely a factor is unknown. Scientific investigation of musth is problematic because even the most peaceful elephants become extremely aggressive toward humans and other elephants d ...


Gnathophis musteliceps

Gnathophis musteliceps is an eel in the family barbatus. He was described by Alfred William Alcock in 1894, originally under the genus Congromuraena. It is a marine, deep-water dwelling eel which is known from the Bay of Bengal, in the Western Indian ocean. It lives at a depth of 265-457 meters.


Saproscincus mustelinus

The southern weasel skink is around 45 mm 1.8 In from snout to vent, is covered in iridescent reddish brown, small, and has several distinctive white marks behind and below the eye.





The Mustești is a left tributary of the river Crișul Alb in Romania. It discharges into the Crișul Alb in Bonțești. Its length is 14 km and its basin size is 19 km 2.


Alexandru Mustațea

Mustațea Nicolae Alexandru was a Romanian football midfielder and the referee. As a judge, he ruled the matches in Romanias top League, division A.


Dan Mustapic

Daniel Matthew Mustapic New Zealand curler from Dunedin. He is a two-time Pacific-Asia champion and four-time champion New Zealand men. He participated in the winter Olympic games of 2006, where the national team of New Zealand men finished in tenth place. Before moving to New Zealand, Mustapic was active in Curling place Ontario. Living in Hamilton and Curling of Kitchener, he won in 1994, Welton Beauchamp classic.

2020 SMU Mustangs football team

2020 SMU Mustangs football team

By 2020, the football team SMU Mustangs will represent southern Methodist University in 2020 NCAA division I FBS football season. The Mustangs are led by third year head coach Sonny dykes and play their home games at Gerald J. Ford stadium in University Park, Texas, a separate city within the city of Dallas, as they compete as members of the American athletic conference.

2020 Cal Poly Mustangs football team

2020 Cal Poly Mustangs football team

By 2020, cal Poly Mustangs football team will represent California Polytechnic state University in 2020 NCAA division I FCS football season. The Mustangs will be headed by 1st year head coach Beau Baldwin will play their home games at the stadium Alex G. Spanos. They are members of the Big sky conference.

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