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Mirrorwriting is the debut studio album by British singer Jamie Woon. It was released in Europe on 18 April 2011 through Polydor Records. The album started to receive hype after Woon ended fourth on BBCs Sound of 2011 poll. It was preceded by the lead single, "Night Air" on 22 October 2010.



Mirrorland is the major label debut studio album by American hip hop duo EarthGang, released on September 6, 2019 by Dreamville, Interscope, and Spillage Village. The album includes features from Young Thug, T-Pain, Kehlani, Arin Ray, and Malik. The production of the album was handled by a variety of producers including Olu, J. Cole, Elite, Ron Gilmore, Christo, Bink, DJ Dahi, Childish Major and Groove, among others.



Mirrorthrone came into being in 2000 when it was created by Vladimir Cochet, the only member of the one man project. In late 2001 and 2002, two demo CDs were recorded, which drew the attention of Red Stream Inc. After signing to Red Stream Inc. The first Mirrothrone album was Of Wind and Weeping. The follow-up album, Carriers of Dust followed in 2006, and received even more positive reviews. Following the positive feedback for his second album, Vladimir soon announced that he was preparing another album, Gangrene, which ended up being released on April 14, 2008


Mozart in Mirrorshades

"Mozart in Mirrorshades" is a short story of science fiction Bruce sterling and Lewis Shiner first published September 1985 at the Omni. In the history of the protagonist-a man named rice, who works in a company that mines natural resources and valuable artifacts from alternate timelines created in the past. The story centers around hostility from the people in the 18th century, chronology, whos angry about their operation and effectively looting their resources, Land, works of art, these alternate versions of our ancestors, ultimately will force the company to leave the scale.



Mirrormask 2005 fantasy film designed and directed by Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman wrote the story they developed together, starring Stephanie Leonidas, Jason Barry, Rob Brydon, Gina McKee. The music used in the film were written by the company Iain Ballamy. It was produced by the Jim Henson company. The plot of the film revolves around a young girl named Helena Campbell, who is sick of her familys career as circus artists. Helenas mother is hospitalized after they have an argument, and Helena finds herself trapped in a fantasy world soon after. Gaiman and McKean worked on the concept of th ...



MirrorLink-standard interaction devices, which provides integration between the smartphone and the infotainment system of the car. Pioneer transforms smartphones into automotive application platforms where apps are hosted and run on the smartphone while drivers and passengers interact with them using the controls on the steering wheel, dashboard buttons and touch screens of their car-Car infotainment system. Pioneer uses a set of known, non-proprietary technologies such as IP, USB port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, real-time Protocol RTP for audio and universal plug and play UPnP. In addition, Mir ...

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