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149 Medusa

Medusa is a bright color, rocky main belt asteroid that was discovered by French astronomer J. Perrotin on September 21, 1875 and named after the Gorgon Medusa, a snake-haired monster in Greek mythology. When he was discovered, Medusa was by far the smallest asteroid found, although this was not known at the time. Since then, many thousands of small asteroids were found. He was also the closest asteroid to the Sun is discovered to the moment, beating the old record of 8 flora. Remained the closest asteroid to the Sun, while Eros 433 and 434 Hungary was found in 1898 that led to the discove ...





Medusaceratops is an extinct genus of centrosaurine ceratopsian dinosaur known from the Late Cretaceous Judith River Formation of Montana, northern United States. It contains a single species, Medusaceratops lokii.


Diaporthe medusaea


Cardiodectes medusaeus

Cardiodectes medusaeus is a species of copepods in the family Pennellidae. It is a parasite of fish. In cnidarian Hydrichthys sarcotretis, parasitism usher in the next stage, when hydrozoan joins S. medusaeus. This in itself ectoparasite Northern lampfish Stenobrachius leucopsarus in the family Myctophidae. Copepods joins lanyi Botalova fish. This parasitic circuit is called as hyperparasitism. S. medusaeus requires two hosts for proper development. He will go through five successive stages of postembryonic postmated only females go into the cavity of the pericardium from lanternfish. Acti ...



Medusagyne oppositifolia, the tree, the jellyfish is endangered and unusual tree endemic to the island of Mahé, Seychelles. It is the only representative of the genus Medusagyne tropical tree and shrub family Ochnaceae. A plant thought to be extinct until a few individuals were found in the 1970-ies gets its common name from the distinctive gelatinous form it dehisced fruit.

Flora asteroid.

February 2018 Sky Events Calendarf Arkansas Sky Observatories. 7 Dec 2013 Asteroid Picks– Medusa 149. 399333 488163031227347 229937249 n. I am going to get in trouble for this. Medusa is not politically correct. Medusa asteroid calculator. 149 Medusa Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia. And here are some of my asteroids as calculated by CCRS. 4862 Loke 17 Li 40 821 Fanny 9 Ge 59 149 Medusa 17 Li 53 407 Arachne 11 Ge 23 1923 Osiris. Medusa asteroid astrology. Web Extra: 25 asteroids to spot through binoculars google - wiki.info. Medusa is a bright coloured, stony main belt asteroid that was discovered by French astronomer J. Perrotin on September 21, 1875, and named after the. Medusa Greek mythology Encyclopedia The Free Dictionary. Verifying synthetic SDSS colors. There are also tables of asteroids visible in May, 1997, sorted by number and RA. 149 Medusa, S, Sept. 97. 157 Dejanira, C.

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