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Citizens' Climate Lobby

Citizens climate lobby is an international grassroots environmental group that trains and supports volunteers to build relationships with their elected representatives in order to influence climate policy. BPC is a registered 501 about 0 million ...



Lobbyit is a bipartisan lobbying firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. It was founded as a one-man shop in 2009 by company president Paul Kanitra. By 2014, Lobbyit had grown to seven employees and projected Lobbyit is a bipartisan lobbying firm ...


The Lobbyist

The Lobbyist is the third studio album by American-Australian hard rocker, Diesel. It features twelve tracks: four live, five acoustic, and three studio recordings. The album was released on 9 August 1993 via EMI Records and was co-produced by Di ...


William Timmons (lobbyist)

William Evan Timmons-a former lobbyist who worked for all Republican presidents since Richard Nixon, and a democratic President, Jimmy Carter. The presidential campaign of John McCain, who in 2008 asked Timmons to conduct a study in preparation f ...


Ian Smith (lobbyist)

Ian Richard Smith is an Australian businessman, corporate consultant and former journalist. He is the founder of the company individual approach, and is considered an index of authorities to be one of Australias most influential political lobbyis ...


Lyle Shelton (lobbyist)

Lyle Shelton-Australian politician and a prominent social conservative. He held the position of managing Director of the Australian Christian lobby from 2013 to 2018. He was one of the leaders of the "no" campaign in Australian marriage law posta ...


Hosea lobbii

Hosea is a genus of flowering plant in the family Lamiaceae, first described in 1908. It contains only one known species, Hosea lobbii. It is endemic to the Island of Borneo.

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Citizens climate coalition.

Local Students Lobby for Climate Fee & Dividend The West End. 12 May 2017 What makes Citizens Climate Lobby quite unique is that it gives. on the economics & global politics concerning climate action policies. Citizens climate lobby hr763. Citizens Climate Lobby asks BCTDA for legislative support. 5 days ago Greenfire welcomes Citizens Climate Lobby to campus The bill is called the Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy CFD, and it is designed to try In a report done by the Remi Group, an economic institute, this bill could create.

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