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Citharacanthus livingstoni

Citharacanthus livingstoni is a species of New World tarantula. It is native to eastern Guatemala. There are no recognized subspecies.


Shewanella livingstonensis

Shewanella livingstonensis is a species of bacteria. Its cells are psychrophilic, gram-negative, rod-shaped, facultatively anaerobic and motile by means of a single polar flagellum. Its type strain is LMG 19866 T.



Livingstonite is a mercury antimony sulfosalt mineral. It occurs in low-temperature hydrothermal veins associated with cinnabar, stibnite, sulfur and gypsum. It was first described in 1874 for entry into mizuko de Los Figueroa, Guerrero, Mexico. ...



Livingbridge is a mid-market private equity firm launched in 1995. Headquartered in London, the firm also has offices in, Melbourne, Australia and Boston, US. Livingbridge was known until November 2014 as ISIS partners, but the rebranding as it w ...



The magazine began in 1998 in London, England, and identified trends in the interiors market for minimalist living. From the beginning, Livingetc made modern design accessible to style conscious readers, promoting the modern interior design and s ...



LivingWorks is a public service Corporation focusing on understanding and preventing suicide. Founded in 1983, the staff person in the field of psychiatry, psychology and social work, their authors programs on suicide prevention was developed in ...

Good Faith Live

Good Faith Live

In good faith live concert of French electronic musician Madeon, in support of his second Studio album, faithfully. The tour began at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois in the framework of the Lollapalooza that August 3, 2019 and currently ends at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec within Osheaga on August 1, 2020,

Live at Last

Live at Last

To live in the past, can relate to: Albums Live at last enchant album. Live at last album cover group. Live on the latest album Slickee boys. To live, finally, the Subdudes album. Live at last Black Sabbath album. Live at last album by Bette Midler. Videos Live at the last live charlatans. Live at last Anastacia video.

Wembley live shows

Wembley live shows

There are several Wikipedia articles which relate to Wembley concerts in Wembley arena or Wembley stadium in Wembley, London Wings Over Wembley. (Крылья Над Уэмбли) Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits Live From Wembley Arena. Spice Girls live at Wembley stadium. Genesis live at Wembley stadium. The Wembley concerts Gladiator. Masha and the Bear live at Wembley stadium.


List of youngest living Catholic bishops

This is the list of the youngest living of Catholic bishops. The current breakdown of 25 people. About the age of the Bishop must be "not less than thirty-five years" in the current Code of Canon law, Canon 378 § 1, 3. The same age appoint the bishops of the Eastern Catholic churches according to the Code of canons of the Eastern Churches, Canon 180, 4.

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