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BSA LifeStructures

BSA LifeStructures is an architectural and engineering firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm has seven regional offices in the United States that include: Austin, Texas, Denver, Colorado, St. Louis, Missouri, Indianapolis, Indiana, Raleigh, North Carolina and Kansas City, Kansas. It has one affiliate company, LifeStructures Technology.


Voices of the Lifestream

Voices of the Lifestream is an unofficial tribute album released by OverClocked ReMix in honor of Nobuo Uematsus score for the popular video game, Final Fantasy VII. The album was released on September 14, 2007, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. Since its release, the collection has received praise from numerous video game sites and professional composers.



Lifesavas is a hip hop group from Portland, Oregon with a classic hip hop sound. Their style exhibits tag-team rhymes, matter-of-fact storytelling and a soulful production. The emcees styles and song writing skills are showcased in the arrangements of a funky collection of subject matter and concepts.



Lifescreen is an English heavy-rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire, formed in 2007. The band is made up of two former members of the alternative-metal band Nerve Engine. It is influenced by bands including Alice in Chains, Tool and Kings X.



Lifest is an annual Christian music festival that takes place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at the Sunnyview Expo Center. Lifest has the slogan "A Party with a Purpose." It is one of the nations largest Christian music festivals.



Lifesense-is a six-part nature documentary television series produced by the group bi-Bi-si of natural history, was originally broadcast in the UK on BBC1 in 1991. Series producer John Downer and narrator Andrew Sachs. It used groundbreaking effects and filming techniques to show how animals perceive wildlife, new technologies, to reveal our lives from the point of view of animals and different landscapes of the world around them, creatures. The same production team went on a predecessor series of supersense in 1988 and the subsequent series Supernatural: unprecedented forces of animals in 1999.



Lifebuilder is a UK registered charity which works with the poorest Punjabi communities in India. Charity originally created from the family trust family Khangura. Charity in its current form was launched in November 2003, however, the Agency fundraising in the UK was not opened until 2010. Lifebuilder was originally established by a member of the Legislative Assembly, India, at jassi Khangura

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