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KidsOut is a small charity based in Leighton Buzzard which provides a range of services to bring about positive change to thousands of disadvantaged children around the U.K. It uniquely centres on the charities actions rather than the childs circumstances, commonly the Fun and Happiness brought to children. Every year they help over 35.000 children who may have escaped domestic violence, come from difficult backgrounds, have been excluded from school, have a life-limiting disability or be socially or rurally isolated. A small staff base allows it to remain efficient while growing service. ...



The KidsCan Charitable Trust is a charitable trust. Founded in 2005 in Greenhithe, Auckland, New Zealand by Julie Chapman, it works to help New Zealand kids living in poverty through a variety of programmes. They provide food, socks, shoes and raincoats to over 46.000 disadvantaged children. The child poverty monitor is a partnership between the New Zealand children, younger McKenzie trust and the University of Otago who measures and reports on New Zealand child poverty annually. According to them, 265.000 children live in poverty in New Zealand. 17% of New Zealand children live in materia ...


Lilliput Kidswear

Sanjeev Narula founded Lilliput Kidswear in 2003. Bain Capital Partners invested $60 million into Lilliput Kidswear in May 2010. Two weeks after the IPO of Lilliput, a whistle blower called to inform investment firms that the revenue figures in Lilliput were inflated. Bain Capital Partners sued the audit firm Ernst & Young Global Limited, after the invested in Lilliput kidswear on the advice of the auditing firm. Bain Capital claimed to have incurred a loss of $60 million over the investment. Bain Capital left the company in 2013 according to the CEO of Lilliput Kidswear.


CBS Kidshow

The CBS Kidshow is a defunct American Saturday morning childrens programming block that aired on CBS from September 13, 1997 to September 9, 2000. Originally a network-programmed block, Nelvana took over programming responsibilities in October 1998.



The Kidstonites or Kidston party were a political party in the Australian state of Queensland in 1907 to 1908 based on William Kidston. They emerged from a split within the state Labor Party and spent most of their existence in government before merging with the Conservative faction of Robert Philp to form the Liberals in October 1908.


Club Kidsoft

KidSoft Inc. was an educational software company based in Los Gatos, CA. It was started in May 1992 by Richard Devine and Charles Patterson, in conjunction with Alison Woods, Audrey Mac Clean, and Karen Schultz. Journal of children ClubKidsoft and concept of the catalogue was the brainchild of the creative collaboration between designer / art Director Alison woods and copywriter Paula Polly. The first prototype was developed by Forest design and used for raising first round venture capital financing for the project. Alison woods was brought on Board as Vice President and creative Director ...



Kidwan is a village located in Egypt, in Minya governorate, South of the provincial capital, Minya. In 2001 Kidwans harvest cauliflower grown in the field, the city contracted a root rot disease that leads to loss of entire harvest. In root rot disease followed in previous years, the harvest of wheat, which had contracted such damping from the illness that was caused by Pythium diclinum.


2000–01 Kidderminster Harriers F.C. season

Note: flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA rules law. The best players of the world Cup.

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