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Jellyfishbabies were an alternative rock band in Canada, active from 1986 to 1993. Although the band never attained mainstream success, they were one of the major influences on the "Halifax Pop Explosion" scene of the early 1990s. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the band consisted of vocalist Scott Kendall, guitarist Peter Arsenault, bassist Dave Schellenberg and drummer Colleen Britton. The original lineup released an independent album in 1986, which hit # 1 on local radio station CKDU-FM station just three days after its release. The band was featured on out of the fog, a 1986 comp ...


Inner Jellyfishes

Internal jellyfish is a short canadian film-drama, Director Marc-Antoine Lemire and released in 2015. Starring: Rudy Duperrex as a young gay man struggling with feelings of isolation, to sleep with another man for sex, but believes that a collision increases, not to dispel his loneliness, as he feels the desire deeper emotional connection than connection willing or able to offer. Film screenings included in 2015, the festival image of the nation and the 2015 San Francisco international festival of short films, where he received the prize of the avant-garde. It was shown at BFI flare in 201 ...


Liriope (jellyfish)


Copula (jellyfish)


Cyanea (jellyfish)

Cyanea is a cosmopolitan, or world-wide, genus of stinging jellyfish, primarily found in northern waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The same genus name has been given to a genus of plants of the Hawaiian lobelioids, an example of a parahomonym.


Crown jellyfish

Crown jellyfishes are the six families of true jellyfish that belong to the order Coronatae. They are distinguished from other jellyfish by the presence of a deep groove running around the umbrella, giving them the crown shape from which they take their name. Many of the species in the order inhabit deep sea environments. Crown jellyfish is able to make light using bioluminescence. When they touched, their bells will light up. Otherwise, the bell of the Medusa crown will look transparent when relaxed. When they are attacked, the crown jellyfish is able to scare, mislead and distract their ...

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