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The FullSIX Group is an independent European marketing group. Founded in Paris by Marco Tinelli in 1998 under the name Grey Interactive, over the past 15 years the digital agency has become an integrated communications group composed of 20 agencies around Europe and in 8 different countries FullSIX group has 10 Agency networks: FullSIX, Grand Union, Ekino, FullSIX advertising, FullSIX media, FullSIX data, FullSIX search, FullSIX retail, FullBooster and Novalem. In September 2015, FullSIX group acquired Havas in the deal worth $75 million prior To joining the Havas group - FullSIX was the largest independent digital agencies in France.



Fullrate A/is a Danish Telecom company. Founded in 2005, by five former top-employees of Danish competitor Cybercity. Fullrate was founded after Cybercitys acquisition by Norway-based Telenor. Fullrate offers Internet access and phone services, to customers all over Denmark. Uses ADSL2 technology with the application of technology M for low speed service that allows you to download bandwidth up to 20Mbit / S and download bandwidth to 2 Mbit / s For the speed moreover, the VDSL2 technology is used. Currently full provides download of up to 40 Mbps and 8 Mbps upload speed.


Solubility of fullerenes

The solubility of fullerenes is generally low. Carbon disulfide dissolves 8g/L of C60, and the best solvent dissolves 53 g/L. up Still, fullerenes are the only known allotrope of carbon that can be dissolved in common solvents at room temperature. Besides those two, good solvents for fullerenes include 1.2-dichlorobenzene, toluene, p-xylene, and 1.2.3-tribromopropane. Fullerenes are highly insoluble in water,and practically insoluble in methanol. Solutions of pure C 60 buckminsterfullerene have a deep purple color. Solutions with 70 reddish-brown. Large fullerenes from 76 to 84, have a variety of colors. C 76 has two optical forms, while other large fullerenes have several structural isomers.



Fullerides are chemical compounds containing fullerene anions. Common fullerides are derivatives of the most common fullerenes, i.e. C 60 and C 70. The scope of the area is large because multiple charges are possible, i.e., n −, and all fullerenes can be converted to fullerides. The suffix "-ide" implies their negatively charged nature. Fullerides can be isolated as derivatives with a wide range of cations. The most actively studied derivatives with alkali metals, fullerides have been prepared with organic cations. Fullerides are usually dark-colored solids which are usually soluble in polar organic solvents.



Fullofaudes was a Dux Britanniarum, a military leader in Roman Britain in the later fourth century. He was either killed, or precipitated by the barbarians invaders during the great conspiracy and replace Dulcitius, when count Theodosius arrived in Britain in 369 to restore order. Probably, he was defeated in the North of England, the Outpost FORTS North of Hadrians wall were abandoned at this time. It may be that his own troops rebelled and came under his loyalty to the enemy, here the description is not clear.



Fullforce was formed by former HammerFall members Stefan Elmgren and Magnus Rosen and Silent Memorial and Cloudscape singer Mike Andersson in late 2008. On May 27 they announced that current HammerFall drummer Anders Johansson had joined the band. On May 28 they announced that their final member will be Narnia and Beautiful Sin guitar player Carl Johan Grimmark. The band is signed to SPV. In January 2010 it was announced that Magnus Rosen has left the group, due to different reasons. Grimmark left the band and was replaced by Stefan Rosqvist. The band has toured with Edguy and recorded a follow up to One in the album Next Level 2012.


Thats All She Wrote (Jerry Fuller song)

"Thats All She Wrote" is a country song written by Jerry Fuller. It was recorded in 1964 by Ernest Tubb on his album Thanks a Lot. In 1976 it was a No.34 single for Ray Price. The song has been covered by various other artists including Johnny Mathis on Feelings, and by T. G. Sheppard in 1978.

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