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Pino - logical board game which is based on tactics and strategy. In general this is a remix of chess, checkers and corners. The game develops imagination, concentration, teaches how to solve tasks, plan their own actions and of course to think logically. It does not matter how much pieces you have, the main thing is how they are placement!

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First Harrogate Trains

First Harrogate Trains was a proposed open access operator with ambitions to run passenger services between Harrogate and London Kings Cross via York. First Harrogate Trains was a subsidiary of Hull Trains, owned by FirstGroup 80% and Renaissance ...


Hostile Environment and Emergency First Aid Training

Hostile Environment and Emergency First Aid Training, also known as HEFAT is a standard type of training in first aid, given to people entering hostile environments, mostly for work, and often to journalists.


First Train Home

Imogen Heap revealed a story behind the creation of the song in a few interviews. She claimed: "I was trying to project manage my studio, and the house and moving in never having done anything like that before is EXTREMELY stressful., I filmed th ...


The First Great Train Robbery

The First Great Train Robbery, released in the United States as The Great Train Robbery, is a 1978 British heist neo noir crime film directed by Michael Crichton, who also wrote the screenplay based on his novel The Great Train Robbery. The film ...


First Flag Unfurling Site, Lewis and Clark Trail

The First Flag Unfurling Site is a historic site along the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in Lemhi County, Idaho. The site is located in the Bitterroot Mountains, 5 miles north of the community of Tendoy. According to an entry in Clarks ...

7 Train

7 Train

7 Train can refer to: 7 New York City Subway service 7 Subway Extension, added to this route in 2015 Line 7, Moscow Metro Paris Metro Line 7 Line 7, Shanghai Metro Seoul Subway Line 7 Line 7, Beijing Subway

4 Train

4 Train

4 Train may refer to: Line 4, Shanghai Metro Line 4 Yellow Montreal Metro Paris Metro Line 4 Line 4, Beijing Subway 4 New York City Subway service


Runaway Mine Train

Runaway Mine Train may refer to: Mine Train roller coaster, a type of steel roller coaster whose trains depict a set of mine carts, including Runaway Mine Train Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey, U.S. Runaway Mine Train Alton Towers, Staffordshire, England Mine Train Six Flags Over Texas, also known as the Runaway Mine Train, Arlington, Texas, U.S. River King Mine Train, known at one time as the River King Run-Away Mine Train, Six Flags St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.


General Sosnkowski (armoured train)

The General Sosnkowski was a Polish armoured train that was developed during the Second Polish Republic. The PP 13 General Sosnkowski was built in 1920, at the Cegielski plant in Poznan, and named after Kazimierz Sosnkowski. Though modernized in the 1930s, its outward appearance retained its earlier characteristics. It saw action during the Polish-Bolshevik War and the Invasion of Poland 1939.



Firsdown is a civil parish in Wiltshire, England, 5 miles northeast of Salisbury. Before the 1950s the area was sparsely populated downland within the parish of Winterbourne. By 1976 housing estates had been built on both sides of Firs Road, which links Winterslow with the A30. The civil parish of Firsdown was created in 1986. The parish includes the Figsbury Ring, a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest which contains prehistoric earthworks.


Rylee Traicoff

Rylee Traicoff is a Canadian-born Guyanese footballer who plays as a defender for American college Bridgeport Purple Knights. She has been a member of the Guyana womens national team.



Trailliaedoxa is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. The genus contains only one species, viz. Trailliaedoxa gracilis, which is endemic to south-central China. It is also the only species in the tribe Trailliaedoxeae.


Los Traidores

Los Traidores may refer to: Los Traidores band, a Uruguayan rock band Los traidores de San Angel, 1967 action film directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson



Trailokyamalla may refer to any of the following rulers: Trailokyamalla Kalachuri dynasty, r. c. 1210s, in present-day India Trailokya Malla, r. 1560–1613, in present-day Nepal Rulers who held the title Trailokyamalla Someshvara I of Kalyani Chalukya dynasty, r. c. 1042 – 1068, in present-day India Karna Chaulukya dynasty, r. c. 1064–1092, in present-day India Tailapa II of Kalyani Chalukya dynasty, r. c. 973–997, in present-day India



Traisen can refer to: Germany: Traisen, Germany, a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Austria: Traisen, Austria, a town in Lower Austria, named after River Traisen Traisen river, a river in Lower Austria, Austria

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IWMFs Hostile Environment and First Aid Trainings HEFAT.

This 3 Day course is designed for high risk environments where threats like The curriculum covers emergency first aid including vehicle. September 16 18: 3 Day Hostile Environments and Emergency First. Hostile Environments and Emeregency First Aid Training course for journalists HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT AND EMERGENCY FIRST AID COURSE HEFAT. Rising risks in journalism require real safety training a Witness. 3 Day Essential Skills Hostile Environments & Emergency First Aid Global Journalist Security. Journalism courses Guardian Masterclasses The Guardian. Hostile Environment and Emergency First Aid Training Revolvy. It is our hope to make first aid training the industry norm like having a flak jacket in traditional hostile environment courses – and most simply cannot afford to.

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