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Icarus (disambiguation)

Later, the Ikarus, a manufacturer of Yugoslav aviation was renamed Ikarbus. Ikarus Drachen Tomas Pellicci, a German hang glider manufacturer. The Icaro air, an Ecuadorian airline. Icarus, in Greek airline, which was preceded by Olympic airlines. ...


Langenau (disambiguation)

Dlouhe, village in Nový hrádek in the district of Náchod. Skalica have Česke Linden, a municipality in Česka Lípa district. Dolni lanov Nieder Langenau, a municipality in Trutnov district. Prosteedni Mittel Langenau LANs, a village in the distric ...


Bill Evans (disambiguation)

Bill Evans the saxophonist, born in 1958, jazz saxophonist. Yusef Lateef, known as bill Evans was a disbeliever, jazz saxophonist. Bill Evans bluegrass 1956, banjo, author and lecturer.


Universitario (disambiguation)

Universitario-Spanish for University students. This is the name of several football clubs, sports clubs and stadiums in Latin America and Europe. Universitario may refer to:


Richard Stone (disambiguation)

Sir Richard stone, English economist. Richard stone may also refer to: Richard stone, composer 1953-2001, American composer. Richard stone, lutenist born in 1960, American lutenist. Ricky stone was born 1975, American baseball pitcher. Richard st ...


World Games (disambiguation)

World games is an international multi-sport competition in sports that do not participate in the Olympic games. The game world may also refer to: World games video games, multi-sport simulator. Special Olympics world games international sporting ...


Jack Cunningham (disambiguation)

Jack Cunningham, Baron Cunningham of felling is a British politician of the labour party. Jack Cunningham may also refer to: Jack Cunningham actor 1912-1967, English actor. Jack Cunningham writer 1882-1941, American screenwriter. Jack Cunningham, the Bishop 1926-1978, Anglican Bishop of Central Zambia. Jack Cunningham rower 1912-1975, canadian Olympic rower. Jack Cunningham footballer born 1940, Australian rules footballer. Jack Armand Cunningham 1890-1956, English world war I flying ACE.

Merv (disambiguation)

Merv (disambiguation)

"Merv the Perv", a recurring character in Saturday night live. Merv Pumpkinhead character Neil Gaimans series the Sandman.


Jim Driscoll (disambiguation)

Jim Driscoll was a Welsh boxer. Jim Driscoll may also refer to: Jim Driscoll American football. Jim Driscoll Sprinter, American track and field Sprinter and the 1922 U.S. champion in the 400-meter dash. Jim Driscoll baseball was born in 1944, American baseball player. Jim Driscoll hammer thrower, 1965, American hammer thrower.

Vladimir Kozlov (disambiguation)

Vladimir Kozlov (disambiguation)

Vladimir Kozlov Is a Ukrainian American professional wrestler. Other notable people named Vladimir Kozlov include: Vladimir Kozlov footballer born in 1946, a Soviet football player. Speed skater Vladimir Kozlov was born in 1959, Soviet Olympic skater. Vladimir Kozlov bobsleigh was born in 1958, the Soviet bobsledder. Director Vladimir Kozlov was born in 1956, Belarusian film Director and screenwriter. The politician Vladimir Kozlov was born in 1960, Kazakh politician.

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