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Richard Stone (disambiguation)

Sir Richard stone, English economist. Richard stone may also refer to: Richard stone, composer 1953-2001, American composer. Richard stone, lutenist born in 1960, American lutenist. Ricky stone was born 1975, American baseball pitcher. Richard stones anti-racism activist was born in 1937, a British physician and activist. Richard stone is an artist born 1951, British portrait painter. Richard stone sculptor born in 1974, British sculptor and artist. Richard stone, the priest, the archdeacon Lewis, 1393-1395. Richard stone, born 1975, member of Taiwanese rock band Mayday. Charlie stone Rugb ...


Spic (disambiguation)

SPIC is an ethnic slur for a person of Hispanic / Latino origin. Speke or Speke may also refer to: The state energy investment Corporation, a Chinese electricity generator. Speke, mountains in Slovenia. Grind og SPIK, and whale meat and blubber dish from Faroe Islands. Spahpanzer SP I. C., 1956 the West German tank. Clean, Cleanser household USA. Speke Indian companies, petrochemical company. Luka SPIK was born in 1979, Slovenian rower. Speke Mac, society for the promotion of Indian classical music and culture among youth.


Jimmy Stewart (disambiguation)

James Stewart 1934-2013 Irish politician, known as Jimmy Stewart was an Irish Communist activist. Jimmy Stewart was a born politician, representative of the GU 1969, Ohio.


Katana (disambiguation)

A katana, a character from the anime Coyote Ragtime show. A katana, a character from the gargoyles animated series and comics. Katana comics, DC comics fictional character. General katana, a character from the movie Highlander two: the quickening. The sword, the flagship of the Star wars novel dark force rising.


Don Johnson (disambiguation)

Don Johnson is an American actor. Don or Donald Johnson may also refer to: Donald K. Johnson, born 1935, canadian philanthropist. Don Johnson American football born in 1920, former American football center and linebacker. 1924-1999 Donald Johnson, American businessman and official. Don Johnson second baseman 1911-2000, American baseball player. Donald 1933-1994 B. Johnson, American computer scientist. Don Johnson bowler 1940-2003, American ten-pin bowler. Don sport Executive 1930-2012 Johnson, canadian civil servant and sports Executive. Don Johnson the player was born in 1962, American bl ...


Dajia (disambiguation)

Dajia may refer to: Peter Dajia was born 27 January 1964, the canadian shot-putter. Dajia Jenn Lann temple, the temple in the eponymous district in Taichung, Taiwan. Dajia station, railway station in Taichung, Taiwan. Dajia river in North Central Taiwan. Dajia district, Taichung, Taiwan.


Francis Stevens (disambiguation)

Francis Stevens was the pseudonym of writer Gertrude barrows Bennett. Francis Stevens may also refer to: Paul Stevens Bob Francis Paul Stephens, 1889-1949, Olympic bobsledder. Francis George Stevens 1891–?, A British engineer who founded the scout movement in Sri Lanka. Frankie Stevens, Francis Stevens, born 1950, New Zealand showman and singer.


Jose Ferrer (disambiguation)

Jose Ferrer was Puerto Rican actor theater and film Director. Jose Ferrer may also refer to: Jose Ferrer Selma in 1950, retired Spanish footballer. Jose Ferrer 1835-1916 guitarist, Spanish guitarist and composer. Jose Ferrer, Bob 1965, Olympic bobsledder Puerto Rico. Jose C. Ferrer, born 1964, American jockey. Jose Ramon Ferrer was born in 1968 in the Mexican sprint canoer. Jose Ferrer canales 1913-2005, Puerto Rican educator, writer and Pro-independence political activist.


Lazio (disambiguation)

Liguria is a region of Italy in which Rome is located. Lazio may also refer to: Lazio, a football club based in Rome. Rick Lazio US representative from new York. The massacre in Viale Lazio, the historical occurrence of Palermo, Sicily. Eccellenza Lazio, the regional football League. Anse Lazio, beach on Praslin island, Seychelles. 20513 Lazio, asteroid. (20513 Лацио, астероид) MV Lazio, an Italian cargo ship in service 1953-79. Giro del Lazio, the race. MV Lazio 1993, in operation since 1994.

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