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checkers (disambiguation)


Checkers (disambiguation)

Checkers movie 1937, the 1937 American drama film. Checkers film 1913 lost silent film. Checkers American group, vocal group of the 1950s years. Checkers game, Board game. Roman checkers, a young adult fiction novel by Australian author John Marsden. Checkers film of 1919, lost 1919 American silent film melodrama. Checkers is a Japanese band, a Japanese idol group of the 1980s.


Dajia (disambiguation)

Dajia may refer to: Peter Dajia was born 27 January 1964, the canadian shot-putter. Dajia Jenn Lann temple, the temple in the eponymous district in Taichung, Taiwan. Dajia station, railway station in Taichung, Taiwan. Dajia river in North Central Taiwan. Dajia district, Taichung, Taiwan.


Francis Stevens (disambiguation)

Francis Stevens was the pseudonym of writer Gertrude barrows Bennett. Francis Stevens may also refer to: Paul Stevens Bob Francis Paul Stephens, 1889-1949, Olympic bobsledder. Francis George Stevens 1891–?, A British engineer who founded the scout movement in Sri Lanka. Frankie Stevens, Francis Stevens, born 1950, New Zealand showman and singer.


Jose Ferrer (disambiguation)

Jose Ferrer was Puerto Rican actor theater and film Director. Jose Ferrer may also refer to: Jose Ferrer Selma in 1950, retired Spanish footballer. Jose Ferrer 1835-1916 guitarist, Spanish guitarist and composer. Jose Ferrer, Bob 1965, Olympic bobsledder Puerto Rico. Jose C. Ferrer, born 1964, American jockey. Jose Ramon Ferrer was born in 1968 in the Mexican sprint canoer. Jose Ferrer canales 1913-2005, Puerto Rican educator, writer and Pro-independence political activist.


Lazio (disambiguation)

Liguria is a region of Italy in which Rome is located. Lazio may also refer to: Lazio, a football club based in Rome. Rick Lazio US representative from new York. The massacre in Viale Lazio, the historical occurrence of Palermo, Sicily. Eccellenza Lazio, the regional football League. Anse Lazio, beach on Praslin island, Seychelles. 20513 Lazio, asteroid. (20513 Лацио, астероид) MV Lazio, an Italian cargo ship in service 1953-79. Giro del Lazio, the race. MV Lazio 1993, in operation since 1994.


Minah (disambiguation)

Mines is a South Korean idol singer, member of the group girls Day. Mines may also refer to: The mynah bird 1950-1995, Nigerian model and actress. Francis mines 1929-1989, policies, Sierra Leone. USS mines, different ships with the same name. Jacob mines was born in 1982, German decathlete. Min-Ah, Korean female name also spelled Mina.


Ludwig Muller (disambiguation)

Ludwig Muller was a German theologian Ludwig Muller may also refer to: Ludwig Muller footballer born 1941, German international footballer. Ludwig Mueller, the runner was born in 1932, German Olympic athlete. General 1892-1972 Ludwig Mueller, German General of world war II.


Rachel Hunter (disambiguation)

Rachel hunter is the name Rachel hunter was born in 1969, the New Zealand model, actress and reality TV show. Rachel is the author of hunter of California. 1754 – 1813, English writer. Rachel hunter athlete born in 1993, British hammer thrower.


Jose Guzman (disambiguation)

Jose Guzman-baseball Puerto Rican player. Jose Guzman may also refer to: Basketball Jose Guzman was born in 1937, Peruvian Olympic basketball player. Jose de Guzman Benitez 1857-1921, the mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Jose de Guzman, 1st Viscount of San Rafael de La Angostura, 1740-1792, Dominican rancher, colonizer and a gentleman. 1929-2017 Jose Florencio Guzman, Chilean politician. Jose Guzman boxer was born in 1963, Venezuelan boxer. Jose Guzman Santos was born in 1947, Mexican politician.


Emily Young (disambiguation)

Emily young is a British sculptor. Emily young may also refer to: E. H. young, Emily Hilda young, 1880-1949, English writer. Emily young the Twilight character in twilight. Emily young Director born 1970, English film Director and screenwriter. Emily young skier was born in 1991, the canadian Paralympic skier and biathlete. Emily young Gates, a character in Stargate.


Arthur Lowe (disambiguation)

Arthur Lowe, English actor. Arthur Lowe may also refer to: Arthur Lowe tennis 1886-1958, English tennis player. Arthur Rylands Lowe 1873-1924, British accountant. Arthur Lowe artist 1865-1940, English artist. Arthur Lowe 1906-1950 footballer, Australian rules footballer.

Scoring in checkers.

What does the name Lasca mean? Names meanings and. For other chess games or other uses, see Chess disambiguation. John G. White Chess and Checkers Collection at Cleveland Public Library, with over and the Chess & Draughts collection at the National Library of the Netherlands, with. Checkers notation. Google - wiki.info google - wiki.info. Checkers disambiguation. or draughts is a board game. Checkers or chequers may also refer to: Checkers fast food, an American fast food restaurant chain.

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