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Soccerplexe Catalogna

Soccerplexe in Catalonia is a sports complex for football games located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was the first sports centre in greater Montreal equipped indoor and outdoor football field with synthetic turf. The latter can also be divided ...


Nederlandse Centrale Catalogus

In the directory high school Centrale is the Dutch official bibliographic catalog and index system metadata that binds and unites more than 400 libraries in the Netherlands.


Kays Catalogues

Kay and Co Ltd was a mail-order business catalogue, with offices and warehouses on the territory of the United Kingdom. It was a very successful company, especially during the last part of the 20th century. The company has offices and warehouses ...


List of astronomical catalogues

An astronomical catalog or a list of tables of astronomical objects, typically grouped together because they share a common type, morphology, origin, means of identification, or method of discovery. Astronomical catalogs are usually the result of ...


Babylonian star catalogues

Babylonian astronomy collected earlier observations and predictions into sets of Babylonian star catalogues, during and after the reign of kashitsky for Babylonia. These star catalogues, written in cuneiform script, contained lists of constellati ...


List of stamp catalogues

This article is a partial list of directory printing. Norma specialized catalog of stamps of Finland is published annually, trilingual. Ceres France. (Церера Франция) Directory Perangko Indonesia = Indonesian postage stamp catalogue Indonesia. Zo ...

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Philatelic Literature Collectors Supply House ectorss.

Vols. for 1900 1937 issued by Scott Stamp and Coin Company, ltd. 1938 by Scott Publications, inc. by Scott Publishing Co. Locate a. Cuban Postage Stamps Catalogue Cuba Postal. A Comprehensive Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of The United States of. ​Preservation and Care of Philatelic Materials Subsidiary V – A Short List of Items​. Knowledge really is POWER in this hobby! Catalogues, journals and. This is where I record my observations about revenue stamps and documents. now closed the catalogue is available here with realisations here and a list of. 1902 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, hardcover. ​Bombay Philatelic Company. Indian Postage Stamp Catalogue: Listing India Pre & Post Independence Stamps 1852 1971. Bombay: Bombay Philatelic.

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