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Melvin Calvin

Melvin Ellis Calvin, an American biochemist, known for the discovery of the Calvin cycle along with Andrew Benson and James Seymour pingleton, for which he was awarded the Nobel prize in 1961 for chemistry. He spent most of his five-decade career at the University of California, Berkeley.


Junia Calvina

Junia Calvina was a Roman noblewoman who lived in the 1st century AD. The daughter of Aemilia Lepida and Marcus Junius Silanus Torquatus, Calvina belonged to two patrician houses: the gens Aemilia and gens Junia respectively. She was also the great-great-granddaughter of the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus on her mothers side of the Imperial family. As such, she was also related by blood to the gens Julia, the aristocratic family of the Roman dictator Julius Caesar. Tacitus calls Calvina "festivissima puella" and the Emperor Vespasian, in one of his jokes, mentions her as living in AD 79. Seneca describes her as "most celebrated of all women." Calvina was married to Lucius Vitellius, the brother of Aulus Vitellius, in the 1st century ad. Despite, or rather because of their blood relation to the first Emperor of Rome, Calvinas close relatives are often subjected to harassment with other canines, in particular, direct descendants of Livia Drusilla, third wife of Augustus and first Roman Empress. Calvina and Vitellius was diluted in 49 Ad after accusations of incest with his younger brother, Lucius Junius Silanus Torquatus, who was forced soon afterwards to commit suicide. In the same year, Calvina was expelled from Rome by Emperor Claudius, only remembered ten years later his successor, Nero. With Neros suicide in ad 68, the Julio-Claudian dynasty collapsed and gave way to the Roman civil war known as the Year of the four emperors. To Calvina was one of Augustuss few remaining descendants of the survivors of the fall of the first Imperial dynasty.



The Calvinium or the Salle de la Reformation was a building for events in Geneva, at the corner of Rue du Rhone and Boulevard Helvetique. It was demolished in 1969 and replaced by a building which now houses the South African consulate. The building, built in honor of John Calvin, was built by Jean-Henri Merle dAubigne. The first meeting of the Assembly of the League of Nations in the 15th-of November, 1920. The topography of the island was located in the building for 42 years, being moved to make room for the League of Nations.


Extra calvinisticum

Extra calvinisticum theological Terminus technicus given by the Lutheran theologians, circa 1620 the doctrine that Christs divine nature cannot be concluded or is concluded in the nature of man, but remain eternally in spite of the fact that the Union with the ultimate body. The doctrine is named for and associated with John Calvin, but is commonly found in the fathers of the Church and known in Augustines Christology. This is a theological distinction in contrast to scholastic Lutheran Christology. In the theology of Martin Luther Jesus Christ is omnipresent, not only his divine nature but also human nature, and thats because the two natures cannot be separated from each other, but share the same man. The reformed, on the other hand, argued that "the word is fully United, but not completely lies in human nature and, therefore, even in incarnation is perceived as outside or beyond human nature." For this reason, the reformed argue that Christ is not present bodily in the Lords supper, because he reigns bodily from heaven.


Ice calving

Ice calving, also known as glacier or iceberg calving is the breaking chunks of ice from the edge of the glacier. It is a form of ice, removal or destruction of the ice. This sudden release and to escape from the mass of ice from a glacier, iceberg, ice front, ice shelf or crevasse. The ice that breaks away can be classified as an iceberg, but can also be a growler, bergy bit or a crevasse wall breakaway. Calving of glaciers is often accompanied by a loud cracking and rumble, before blocks of ice up to 60 meters, 200 meters to break away and crash down into the water. The entry of ice into the water causes large, and often hazardous waves. Waves are formed in those places like Johns Hopkins glacier can be so large that boats cannot approach closer than 3 kilometres 1.9 Mi. These events have become major tourist attractions in such places like Alaska. Many glaciers end in the oceans and freshwater lakes which results naturally from calving a large number of icebergs. The green area calving glaciers produce 12.000 to 15.000 icebergs alone every year. Calving of ice shelves is usually preceded by a rift. These events are not often observed. Etymologically, calving is cognatic with calving as in bearing a calf.


Gaius Javolenus Calvinus

Gaius Javolenus Calvinus was a Roman senator of the 2nd century AD who occupied a number of offices in the imperial service, as well as serving as suffect consul between 140 and 143. The inscription found in Grottaferrata in the campaign provides his full name: Gaius Javolenus Calvinus Geminius kapito Cornelius KVINT Pollio Squilla Vukacius Scuppidius Ver. Geza Alfoldy suggests that the second and third items in his name, in connection with the adoption of relative Priscus Javolenus. The same inscription from Grottaferra provides information about his Cursus honorum as its Consulate. Calvinus became as one of the decemviri stlitibus judicandis, one of the four boards that make up vigintiviri. This was followed by a Commission as a military tribune in Legio Macedonica in stationed in Syria. Calvinus then served as Quaestor in Africa. Later, he was Emperor Hadrians PhD other graduate programs of the traditional Roman plebeian tribune and praetor, in this last time before the death of Hadrian in 138. As a former praetor, Calvinus was appointed legate or the commander of the III Legion Gallica, also stationed in Syria, which Alfoldy dates to around 138. It obeys the Imperial province of Lusitania, which Alfoldy needed in the first years of the reign of Antoninus Pius, the public of the province of Hispania Baetica, but his stay in the second province cannot be dated more closely than to between 138 and 143. Life Calvinus is empty after his Consulate.


Sarcohyla calvicollina

Sarcohyla calvicollina is a species of frog in the family Hylidae. It is endemic to Mexico. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist montane forests and rivers. It is threatened by habitat loss.

Calville Blanc d'hiver

Calville Blanc d'hiver

The Calville Blanc dhiver is an apple cultivar. It originated in France in the 17th century from a chance seedling. Old varieties of apples that are called "Calville" very popular in Germany and are of unusual appearance the sides somewhat lumpy. Apples Calville Blanc dhiver have excellent flavor and an unusually high amount of vitamin C. It is preferable to Apple tarte Tatin in France. Calville Blanc is one of the apples grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson.

Calvin benson svu.

2 in U.S. Share Chemistry Prize Canadian, Europeans Also Are. Nology, which had led to nine Nobel Prizes, the discovery of several new elements and many subatomic particles, the development of several types of particle Donald A. Glaser for the bubble chamber in 1960 Melvin Calvin for the chemistry. Melvin calvin nobel prize 1961. Melvin Calvin Life Paths Lindau Mediatheque The Lindau Nobel. 10 Oct 2013 Heres the breakdown of the winningest Nobel Prize countries. Melvin Schwartz, Physics, 1988. 154. Melvin Calvin, Chemistry, 1961. 267. Diagram of c3 cycle. The Top 10 Chemistry Nobel Prize winners in History. Labeled Mr. Shop for Melvin Calvin related autographs, signed photographs, historical in 1961, Calvin 1911 1997 was awarded the 1961 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for using For more documents by these signers click the names below:.

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