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pair-Aminoblebbistatin is water-soluble, non-stable inhibitors of myosin II with blebbistatin developed. Among several blebbistatin derivatives is one of the most promising for research. In addition, it has a favorable overall profile, taking into account the inhibiting properties and ADME calculations.



In the aminocyclitols are compounds related to cyclitols. They possess features of relative and absolute configurations specific to their class, and have been extensively studied, but these features are not clearly displayed General methods of stereochemical nomenclature, so that specific identification method to determine their configuration is reasonable and for a long time used. In other respects, than the stereochemistry, nomenclature should follow the General rules of organic chemistry.









Aminophosphonates are organophosphorus compounds with the formula 2 PCR NR" 2. These compounds are structural analogues of the amino acids in which the carboxyl group is replaced by phosphonic acid or related groups. Acting as antagonists of amino acids, they inhibit the enzymes involved in the metabolism of amino acids and, therefore, affect the physiological activity of the cells. These effects can be applied as antibacterial, plant growth regulating or neuromodulatory. They can act as ligands and heavy metals complexes of aminophosphonates was studied for medical applications. Phosphona ...


Hyperbranched aminosilica

Hyperbranched aminosilica is a white powdery substance. The compound, also referred to HAS can capture and keep CO 2 gas due to its branch-like properties that enable amino sites at the tips of the branches to collect the gas. It is made from aziridine and mesoporous silica.

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