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The Great Adventuress

The great adventuress, 1928 German silent Comedy film Directed by Robert wiene and starring Lily Damita, Georg Alexander and Fred Solm. Most of the funding for films came from the UK. Location shooting took place in Paris, Calais and London. The films storyline has been criticized for the lack of clarity.


Anna the Adventuress

Anna the adventuress is a 1920 British silent drama film directed by Cecil Hepworth starring Alma Taylor, Jean Cadell and James Carew. It is based on the novel by Phillips Oppenheim. Made Hepworth pictures on Walton studios, is now considered a lost film.


A Romantic Adventuress

Romantic adventuress is a 1920 American silent drama film Directed by Harley Knoles, and written by Charles Belmont Davis and Rosina Henley. The film stars Dorothy Dalton, Charles Meredith, Howard lang, Augusta Anderson, and Ivo Dawson. The film was released in November 1920, the company "paramount pictures".


An Innocent Adventuress

The innocent adventuress is a lost 1919 American silent Comedy Directed by Robert Vignola, and written by Clara b Kennedy. The film stars Vivian Martin, Lloyd Hughes edythe Chapman, Gertrude Norman, Jane Wolfe, and Tom Bates. The film was released on June 8, 1919, the company "paramount pictures".


I Was an Adventuress

I was an adventuress is a 1940 historical drama directed by Gregory Ratoff, starring Vera Zorina, Richard Greene, Erich von Stroheim and Peter Lorre. Actress / ballerina Countess Tanya Vronsky is working as a decoy for two international con artists Andre desormeaux and Polo on.


The Beloved Adventuress

Favorite adventurer lost silent 1917 drama film directed by William A. Brady, George cowl and Edmund Lawrence. He starred kitty Gordon and was scripted by Frances Marion. It was distributed by the world film company.

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