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AEK (mens water polo)

AEK Mens Water Polo Club is the mens water polo department of the major Greek multi-sport club, AEK Sports Club, based in Athens, Greece. The clubs home ground is in Athens. It was founded in 1962 and after its dissolution in the 70s, it was re-e ...


Geography of water polo

Water polo is a full contact sport played in many countries around the world. The sports international governing body is FINA. Some countries have two principal competitions: a more prestigious league which is typically a double round-robin tourn ...


Brown Bears mens water polo


2019 Magyar Kupa (mens water polo)

The preliminary round ties were scheduled for 1–2 September 2019. The tournament was played in Csik Ferenc Versenyuszoda, Kaposvar.


Alexandru Marinescu (water polo)


Alex Bowen (water polo)


Black Flags, Blue Waters

Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of Americas Most Notorious Pirates is a 2018 book by Eric Jay Dolin focusing on the Golden Age of Piracy in the Americas. Figures recounted in the book include Blackbeard, William Kidd, Edward Low, John Winthrop, Cotton Mather, Benjamin Franklin, and others.

Shahasradhara Waterfall

Shahasradhara Waterfall

Shahasradhara Waterfall is located in the evergreen forest of Chandranath Reserve Forest block of Sitakund upazila of Chittagong. The eco-park is 35 km from Chittagong city. Located on the east side of Dhaka-Chittagong highway and railway in the north. During the year other than the monsoon, this fountain is less water. The fountain is found five kilometers away from the main gate of ecopark, with a brick path. There is also another spring called Suptadhara Waterfall near the fountain.

Hot Water

Hot Water

Hot Water may refer to: Hot Water 1924 film, feature film starring silent comedian Harold Lloyd Hot Water album, an album by Jimmy Buffett "Hot Water" song, a 1984 song by Level 42 Hot Water 1937 film, 55-min American comedy directed by Frank R. Strayer "Hot Water" American Dad!, a 2011 episode of American Dad! Hot Water novel, a 1932 novel by P.G. Wodehouse Hot Water, a 1978 film directed by Su Friedrich

Duchray Water

Duchray Water

Duchray Water is a "spate burn" that rises in the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park to the west of Loch Ard and to the east of Loch Lomond. The mountain stream lies entirely within the Stirling council area. It merges with the outflow of Loch Ard to form the Forth, one mile west of the village of Aberfoyle.

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