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Dauer Sportwagen

Dauer Sportwagen GmbH was a German automotive company founded by former racing driver Jochen Dauer in Nuremberg. Initially founded as Jochen Dauer Racing in 1987, the racing team had several years of participation in the German Supercup and European Interserie championships, as well as occasional runs in the World Sports-Prototype Championship and Camel GT Championships with the Porsche 962. Following the demise of sports prototype racing in the early 1990s, Dauer Racing GmbH was created to begin limited production of road cars, including a road-legal version of the 962, known as the Dauer 962 Le Mans, which later went on to win the 1994 24 Hours of Le Mans. Once changing to Dauer Sportwagen, the company sold a continuation of the Bugatti EB110. The company went bankrupt in 2008 and parts for the EB110 were transferred to Toscana-Motors GmbH.



Sportsmobile is a company that provides custom after market conversions for full size vans. Most vans are fully converted to type B RV motor-homes. The Sportsmobile company was founded in 1961 by Curtis and Charles Borskey and now has three locations: Huntington, Indiana, Austin, Texas and Fresno, California. They are considered one of the oldest van conversion companies in the U.S.


Kia Sportspace

The Kia Sportspace is a concept car developed by Kia Motors Europe and showcased at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The four seater concept car was made to make long journeys more comfortable. The concept car was designed at the companys Frankfurt design studio.


Citroen C-SportLounge


Alfa Romeo Sportut

The Alfa Romeo Sportut is a concept car designed by Bertone for the Italian automobile manufacturer Alfa Romeo. It was based on an Alfa Romeo 145 platform and first shown at the 1997 Geneva Motor Show as a non-moving styling exercise. Vehicle body style-four-door sedan with hidden rear door handles like the Alfa Romeo 156.


Associazione Sportiva Portuense

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Calcio Portuense or simply A.S. Portuense is an amateur Italian football club, based in Portomaggiore, Emilia-Romagna. The club is currently playing in Eccellenza Emilia-Romagna, after being relegated from Promozione Emilia-Romagna in the 2015–16 season, where it finished 16th of the group B.

Charlie ODonnell Sports Grounds

Charlie ODonnell Sports Grounds

The Charlie ODonnell Sports Grounds is an association football stadium located in Buncrana, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. It is the home ground of Cockhill Celtic F.C. The grounds were opened as St Marys in 2003, Mary Coughlan TD. The club was renamed after longtime Chairman Charlie Odonnell in 2007. The club also has two playgrounds, artificial grass. In 2017 the grounds suffered flood damage, the club received €101.000 grant from the natural disasters of UEFA.


3rd Municipal Sportshall of Ano Liosia

The 3rd Municipal Sportshall of Ano Liosia, also known as Zofria Indoor Hall, is an indoor sporting arena that is located in the Zofria district of Ano Liosia, Athens, Greece. The arena can be used to host volleyball and basketball games. The capacity of the arena for basketball games is 3.000, with 1.300 permanent seats.

SDYuSShOR-4 Sports School Volzhskiy

SDYuSShOR-4 Sports School Volzhskiy

SDYuSShOR-4 Sports School Volzhskiy is a Russian football Sports school founded in 1974 in Volzhsky, Volgograd Oblast. It fields a team that plays in the specified Volgograd Oblast Football Championship. Sports school of the SDYUSSHOR-4 was included in the distinguished and prestigious championship "Volga", which shows the maximum best sports schools at the national level.

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