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Brotherhood and Unity in Politics

The Brotherhood and Unity in Politics is a political party in Suriname. At the 2005 legislative election, the party was part of the "A-Combination", an alliance that won 7.3% of the popular vote and five out of 51 seats in the National Assembly.



The website reports on political and campaign news in Pennsylvania, from the state legislature up to federal races. The editors write occasional features, like the weekly "Up & Down" scorecard and one-off lists like "Harrisburgs Smartest Staffers" and "Best Dressed Lobbyist" lists. In addition, PoliticsPa.com accepts anonymous tips, In 2012, it was the first news source to report that Tom Smith would challenge Bob Casey in the United States Senate race, as well as the fact that Governor Tom Corbett had endorsed Steve Welch in the contest. In 2004, it was the first news source to report in 2004 that Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter would face Pat Toomey in the Republican primary and that Joe Hoeffel would seek the Democratic nomination that year. On occasion, the website hosts original documents including political television and radio ads, campaign fliers, and controversial letters. The editors of the site work under the pseudonym "S. Snyder," a nod to the former Governor of Pennsylvania Simon Snyder Terry Madonna, Professor of the College of Franklin and Marshall, said in 2003 that the level of knowledge shown on the site implies that "Sy Snyder" must be a reporter, politician or consultant. Specific speculation ranges from political reporters Pete Decoursey and Charlie Thompson-former state representative Tom Drews.


Groninger Studentencorps Vindicat atque Polit

The Groninger Studenten Corps Vindicat atque Polit is one of the oldest Dutch student associations and was founded on February the 4th, 1815 as a reaction to attacks on students from local citizens. The first rector of the senate was B.J. Winter. Nowadays Vindicat is the second largest student organization in Groningen, a city in the North of The Netherlands, with nearly 2500 members. Vindicats building society is located in the heart of Groningen and is called Mutua fides mutual trust plays a big role in the social life of its members. Vindicat is also cultural and sports organizations as the GSR Aegir. In 2015 Vindicat celebrated the 200th anniversary with its 40th lustrum festival. In 2005, a copy of fides Mutua in 1:25 scale has been built in the miniature city Madurodam.


1708 Polit

1708 Polit, provisional designation of 1929 XA, it is a very dark asteroid from the outer edge of the asteroid belt, about 29 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered on 30 Nov 1929 Spanish astronomer Jose comas Sola Catalan origin I at the Observatory Fabra in Barcelona, and was later named in honour of the Catalan astronomer Isidre Polit and Boixareu.


Aurelio Espinosa Polit

Aurelio Espinosa Polit was an Ecuadorian writer, poet, literary critic, and University Professor. He co-founded the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, and he founded his political Museum Aurelio Espinosa and library in Quito. He was a Jesuit priest, in the religious order society of Jesus. He has worked on more than 600 pieces and books in his life, and was a famous interpreter. He translated into Spanish the complete works of the Latin poets Virgil and Horacio and the Greek playwright Sophocles. He was the first rector of the Catholic University, where he also taught Greek language and Greek literature. He was well versed in Latin and Greek, and spoke English, French, Spanish and Italian.


Rafael Polit

Rafael Watered Cevallos was President of Ecuador from 1875 to 9 December 1875. He studied at the Central University of Quito and joined the Conservative party of Ecuador Gabriel Garcia Moreno. He was President of the Municipal Council of Guayaquil on October 2, 1875, he was elected President of the Senate. From 4 Oct 1875 - 9 Dec 1875 he was Minister of foreign Affairs and in a short time the President of Ecuador to 9 December 1875. In 1878, the government sent him into exile, but he later returned. On 2 may 1895 he became head of the government of Guayas province, but resigned within a month. He died on 23 Oct 1897 in Quito.


Jiti Jitayi Politics

Jiti Jitayi Politics is a political party founded by eunuchs in Madhya Pradesh, India, on 17 October 2003. The party president at that time was Suraiya.

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