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NatureShare is a website Community for people who love nature. Registered participants can collect and share your wildlife sightings and share them with other nature lovers. Originally created NatureShare / green Mountain digital, the NatureShare website is owned and operated by the National Audubon society in may 2015. Most of the users NatureShare post and access the site through one of the National Audubon society Audubon guides birds’ mobile app is available for free for iOS, Android and Kindle fire.



Naturex is a company of vegetable raw materials, which produces and sells plant extracts in the food industry for flavoring, coloring or preservative purposes. For example, he buys other crops such as poppies from manufacturers in Peru, extracts it into concentrate and then sells that to concentrate on the companies that produce Mac products in the common market. The company is based in Avignon, France with offices and manufacturing facilities in Europe and in the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Morocco and India.



NatureBridge is a nonprofit organization that offers environmental education programs in six national parks: Yosemite national Park, Golden Gate national recreation area, Olympic national Park, in the mountains of Santa Monica national recreation area, channel Islands Prince William forest and national parks, the Shenandoah national Park. NatureBridge is able to provide residential field science and environmental education programs for elementary, middle and high school. NatureBridge was founded in 1971 in Yosemite national Park called Yosemite Institute. NatureBridge was listed on the outside of the journal list from the best employers.



OOO nature of work-an international company that produces bioplastics - polymers derived entirely from plant resources as alternatives to conventional plastic produced from petroleum. Commercial quality polymer manufactured from carbon found in simple sugars, such as corn starch, to create a proprietary polylactic acid polymer that is sold under the brand name ingeo. With headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota, NatureWorks is jointly owned by Cargill and PTT global chemical, a Thai state company.


Traite de l'harmonie reduite à ses principes naturels

Traite de lharmonie reduite à SES principles real is a music treatise written by Jean-Philippe Rameau. It was first published in Paris in 1722 by Jean-Baptiste-Christophe Ballard. The treatise describes music and how to write it based on the tonal system used today in classical music. He uses modern major and minor keys to teach readers what to do to get a good sound of music based on 12 tones of the musical scale. The treatise consists of four books: Book III: the principles of composition. Book II: on the nature and properties of chords and on everything that can be used to make the music perfect. Book IV: the principles of accompaniment. Book I: On the relationship of harmonic ratios and proportions. Rameaus treatise has frequent passages of similar subject matter and wording passages in other publications by other authors.



Naturescaping is a method of landscape design and landscaping that allows people and nature to co-exist with landscape design. By incorporating certain plants, especially native ones, in the yard, you can attract beneficial insects, birds and other creatures, and help keep our rivers and streams healthy. Extensive growth of cities and urbanization over the last century has had a significant impact on the environment, birds and other wildlife once called home. Homeowners with yards and gardens have a unique opportunity to reduce this loss of habitat by creating their own backyard wildlife garden, a nature reserve.

Biloozerskyi National Nature Park

Biloozerskyi National Nature Park

Biloozerskyi National Nature Park is a protected area in Ukraine. It is shared between Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Raion of Kiev Oblast and Kaniv Raion of Cherkasy Oblast. The park was created on 11 December 2009.


Reserve Naturel de Sel Iode

Reserve Naturel de Sel Iode is a small reserve in Nouakchott, Mauritania. It is located on the Avenue Gamal Abdel Nasser, near the Ministry of Energy headquarters and opposite the Centro Neuro Psychiatrique de Nouakchott.

Naturescaping Pure Water Partners.

Find out about NatureScape and how you can participate in making the world a better place. Save the Date – NatureScaping: An Outdoor FestivalFriends of. Good to Know. Garden located on the Northeast shore of Lake Nokomis at the conjunction of Woodlawn Boulevard, East 50th Street and East Lake Nokomis. ODFW Naturescaping How To. NatureScape is a direct install Turf to Native Garden Program that helps customers replace turf with a native, low water use landscape. NatureScape.

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