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Pino - logical board game which is based on tactics and strategy. In general this is a remix of chess, checkers and corners. The game develops imagination, concentration, teaches how to solve tasks, plan their own actions and of course to think logically. It does not matter how much pieces you have, the main thing is how they are placement!

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Conflict of Interest (disambiguation)

Conflict of Interest may refer to: "A Conflict of Interest", a 1987 episode of Yes, Prime Minister "A Conflict of Interests" Life on Mars, an episode of Life on Mars Conflict of Interest film, a 1993 independent film directed by Gary Davis For co ...


Pyxis (disambiguation)

Pyxis is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere. Pyxis may also refer to: Sony Pyxis, an early GPS navigation device launched in 1991 Pyxis genus, a turtle genus Pyxis Corporation, a manufacturer of medical technologies and automated dispensing cabinet ADC for medications Pyxis, a Japanese idol duo consists of Miku Itō and Moe Toyota Pyxis vessel, a piece of ancient Greek pottery Pyxis, a type of capsular fruit where the upper part falls off


Elephantopus (disambiguation)

Elephantopus may refer to: Elephantopus, a genus of perennials in the daisy family Pachyornis elephantopus, the heavy-footed moa, a species of moa from the family Dinornithidae Testudo elephantopus, Chelonoidis elephantopus or Geochelone elephantopus, the Pinta Island tortoise a species now sometimes considered a sub-species of Galapagos tortoise; also used to refer to Galapagos tortoises Testudo nigra as a whole


Snep (disambiguation)

Snep and SNEP may refer to: Syndicat National de lEdition Phonographique SNEP A shortening of Snow Leopard Ioan Snep born 1966, Romanian rower Doina Șnep-Balan born 1963, Romanian rower Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol, see: Near field communication#ISO / IEC


Eurynome (disambiguation)

Eurynome may refer to: Eurynome, name of multiple figures in Greek mythology Eurynome Oceanid, an archaic divine figure Eurynome, a genus of moth Eurynome albella, a synonym for Elachista dasycara Eurynome crab, a genus of crab in the family Pisidae 79 Eurynome, an asteroid


Glycine (disambiguation)

Glycine is an amino acid with the chemical formula NH 2 CH 2 COOH. Glycine data page Glycine may also refer to: Glycine plant, a genus of plants in the bean family Glycine watch, a wristwatch manufacturer


Yero (disambiguation)

Yero may refer to: Yero, a name, in multiple cultures and languages, used as a surname and given name Year End Roll Over YERO, a type of integer overflow or counter reset in data systems and calendrical systems Gyro food also spelled as "yero" and "yeros" Vicia ervilia, a Mediterranean grain legume crop also called yero


Gympie (disambiguation)

Gympie may refer to: Gympie, a city in Queensland, Australia Gympie Arterial Road, a highway in Brisbane Gympie Airport Electoral district of Gympie Gympie Region, its local government authority Gympie Road, Brisbane, a road in Brisbane Gympie Dendrocnide moroides, a stinging plant


Marjoram (disambiguation)

Marjoram is a somewhat cold-sensitive perennial herb. Marjoram may also refer to: Tequila Marjoram, one of the protagonists in Galaxy Angel Kahlua Marjoram, one of the heroines in Galaxy Angel Pot marjoram, a common name for Origanum onites


Sulcia (disambiguation)

Sulcia can refer to two different genera of organisms: "Candidatus Sulcia bacteria", a monotypic genus including "Ca. Sulcia muelleri Sulcia, a genus of spiders in the family Leptonetidae

Route 22 (disambiguation)

Route 22 (disambiguation)

Route 22 Is a common name for roads and highways in many countries. Route 22 may also refer to: Route 22 MTA Maryland, a bus route in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. London Buses route 22, a bus route in London, UK

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