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Gameshastra is a video game company headquartered in Hyderabad, India with offices in Japan and Europe. The company tests, develops and publishes games for dedicated gaming consoles including the Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Wii, as well as other platforms including iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows PCs.



GameKing is a brand of handheld game consoles, designed and developed by Timetop in 2003, for the Hong Kong consumer market. The brand has three consoles, the GameKing I, the GameKing II and the GameKing III. A fourth console, the Handy Game, was produced by Timetop and shares some branding, but otherwise has little to do with the GameKing franchise.


BigPond GamesArena



Gamenauts is an independent game development studio based in Silicon Valley and founded in September 2005 by Stanley Adrianus, formerly of Yahoo! Games. Their game ninja fishing has been criticized as copying the game mechanics funny Fishing about air battles. Gamenauts released ninja fishing in 2011, using game mechanics in a funny fishing about air battles. Published in 2013 Vlambeer ridiculous fishing is the highest rated reviews of the year. In 2012, the company announced the publication of the initiative for developers of indie Asia by signing up the studios of South-East Asia, such as Studio above allow for plenty of strategies, games Menara Artlogic Games and Nerdook Productions to publish your mobile games in the global market.


Quinta Gameros

The Quinta Gameros is a mansion in Chihuahua, Chihuahua. The building is an Historic National Monument of Mexico. Quinta Gameros currently houses the Centro Cultural Universitario Quinta Gameros, a regional museum of Mexico.



Gamevice, Inc. is a Simi Valley, California based tablet and tablet peripherals manufacturer specializing in gaming products. The debut product was the Wikipad, branded Android tablet of hardware designed for mobile games, which revealed a detachable controller. Later Gamevice entered the market with a peripheral the only product that supports a wide range of mobile phones and rebranding called the Gamevice. The company was founded by Matthew Joynes and Brendan Iribe. Appointing the current Chairman of the Board Phillip Hyun.


Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games is an American computer-simulated training company with offices in Pittsburgh, in Philadelphia. It was started in 2005 under the name Etcetera Edutainment by Jessica Trybus, who at that time was director of educational entertainment at the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and at first made simulators for training in the manufacturing and health industries. The company changed its name to Simcoach Games in 2014.

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