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FilmAffinity is a movie recommendations website created in 2002 in Madrid, Spain by the film critic Pablo Kurt Verdu Schumann and the programmer Daniel Nicolas. As of 2016, the site listed 125.000 movies and series and had 556.000 reviews written by its users. Registered users can rate movies, find recommended films based on their personal ratings, create any kind of movie lists and in the Spanish version - write reviews. The website also contains information on the contents of the main streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, and Movistar, the site filmin and optimistic TV. Currently this feature is limited to Netflix in the English version. The site has 3 million unique users in Spain, accounting for 70% of all traffic, and handles more than 47 million pages across the world. Advertising sites only income totaling more than half a million dollars annually.



FilmFreeway is a website through which filmmakers submit their films to hundreds of film festivals all over the world. One of its competitors is Withoutabox.



FilmFocus is a British film website which has been running since January 2004. According to Alexa Internet data it is the second most popular film website in the United Kingdom behind Empires website.



The Filmo camera series started with the 1923 Filmo 70, beginning a series of models built on the same basic body that was to continued for more than half a century. It was based on Bell & Howells brilliantly designed 1917 prototype for a 17.5mm camera intended for amateur use. When invited along with Victor into Kodaks 16mm plans in 1920, the company was quick to see the advantages and immediately set about redesigning the 17.5mm camera for 16mm film. In the Filmo 70 was the first spring motor 16mm camera. In 1925 the Eyemo, manual 35mm camera based on the design of the Filmo 70 was offered. He was also a spring, but can be manual as well. Bell & Howell introduced the first 16mm camera turret with the model C in 1927. Beautifully ornate and much more compact 16mm camera, the Filmo 75, marketed primarily as a "watch-thin" female the camera, was offered in 1928, and in 1931, almost identical to analogue sites as Filmo camera field, offered initially in simple coatings and decorations of the 75th of the model, and as such is no different from the previous version, except for the nameplate. When Kodak introduced 8mm film in 1932, bell & Howell was slow to adopt the new format, and when he did, he was not in the form of a standard Kodak. First Filmo 8 mm was proposed in 1935 as a single run 8mm movie camera, Filmo 127-called straight eight. However, eight is not to please the market, as well as double-8, so the design was modified for double-8, 134-a in 1936. Production of Filmos around this body type continued into the 1950-ies.


Cantrills Filmnotes

Cantrills Filmnotes was founded and published by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill. The first issue of the magazine appeared in March 1971. The headquarters was in Melbourne. The frequency of the magazine varied: for the first two years it was published on a bi-monthly basis, from 1973 to 1974 it was published four times a year and from 1975 to 2000 it was published biannually. Cantrills Filmnotes was funded by the Australian film Commission from October 1984 issue #45 / 46 in the December 1998 issue #91 / 92. The journal includes articles devoted to reviews of experimental films or avant-garde cinema, video art and digital media. Cantrills Filmnotes ceased publication with issue of December 1999-January 2000 #93-100 due to financial problems.


TV 2 Filmkanalen

TV 2 Filmkanalen was a Norwegian movie channel. The channel broadcasts 18 hours a day and shows about 420 movies a year. The channel was closed on March 2, 2015, at 04.30 hours, being replaced with channels 2 of humor, which began at 06.00 in the morning of the same day.



Filmishmish is an Arabic term meaning "in the time of the apricots" or "when the apricots bloom", which is taken nonliterally to mean the equivalent of the English phrases "wishful thinking" or "when pigs fly."


Uyarntha Manithan (upcoming film)

Uyarntha Manithan is an upcoming Indian film directed by Tamilvannan. This film marks the reunion of Amitabh Bachchan and Ramya Krishnan after 21 years after their film Bade Miyan Chote Miyan that released in the year 1998 marking the last film of Ramya Krishnan in Bollywood. Principal filming started in March 2019.This film marks Bachchans debut in Tamil cinema.

LOdissea (1911 film)

LOdissea (1911 film)

LOdissea is a 1911 Italian silent film adapted from Homers Odyssey. The film was made in the context of the worlds fair of Turin International in 1911, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, where he launched a film competition for films artistic, scientific and with educational purposes. 1912 in the United States was welcome in the trade journal the moving picture world, the film was hailed as a new era in the history of film as a factory of education."

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