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The idea of creating a website FashionUnited came to Lennard Minderhoud in the late 1990s, years after he realized that" there is little information about fashion on the Internet.”The platform offers fashion news, jobs fashion, the statistics of the industry and the fashion education network, established in 2010. Fashion week in the network created in the end of 2014, and part of the FashionUnited website offers all the news from fashion Weeks around the world. The headquarters of the FashionUnited website is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The platform operates in more than 25 countries and a website available in 16 languages. The site FashionUnited reaches over 1.6 million fashion professionals per month. List of countries where the website FashionUnited is active: Germany. (Германия) Spain. (Испания) Poland. (Польша) USA. (США) Denmark. (Дания) Argentina. (Аргентина) Sweden. (Швеция) Austria. (Австрия) Portugal. (Португалия) Norway. (Норвегия) Mexico. (Мексика) Peru. (Перу) India. (Индия) Turkey. (Турция) Canada. (Канада) Belgium. (Бельгия) Australia. (Австралия) Switzerland. (Швейцария) France. (Франция) China. (Китай) Italy. (Италия) Russia. (Россия) Finland. (Финляндия) Chile. (Чили) Colombia. (Колумбия) United Kingdom. (Соединенное Королевство) Netherlands. (Нидерланды) Brazil. (Бразилия) In the second half of 2014, the site FashionUnited changed its logo and updated web site FashionUnited. In November 2014, The Website FashionUnited.Ko.The UK has moved from co.The UK is shorter and sharper.domain UK" website FashionUnited.in the UK”. Lennard Minderhoud, CEO of website FashionUnited declared" website FashionUnited.Ko.The UK suffered from design changes, so we decided to switch.UK. He not only gave the website a new face, but also allowed us to take the more secure HTTPS Protocol format at the same time.” The site FashionUnited has expanded its activities in America. First, in October 2014, the platform debuted in Latin America due to the opening of five new portals in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. In December 2014, the company intensified its activities in the United States hire new, specialized editors and HR consultants on the American market. The beginning of 2015, the site FashionUnited launched the canadian portal, offered in both English and French language in accordance with the needs of the canadian population. In February 2015, the fashion platform is expanding with the Billboard ad in new Yorks famous times square.



Fashionistas in 2002 pornographic film directed by John Stagliano and produced by evil angel productions. Shot on 35-millimeter film, he was a high-budget production, with a length of more than four and a half hours. The film was a commercial success, it sold over 100.000 copies in its first month of release. In 2003 he set the record for most AVN nominations for a single title - 22. Fashionistas also marks the American debut of Manuel Ferrara. The film has two sequels, fashionistas safado do not: the challenge and fashionistas safado not: Berlin, both still directed on Stagliano. Siffredi, belladonna and Ferrara performed his role in the sequels, which also starred Katsuni and Nacho Vidal.


National Project of the design art FashionGlobusUkraine

National center of art design FashionGlobusUkraine-a socio-cultural project, which unites about 80 designers from all regions of Ukraine and has a strategy for the development of art and light industry of our country.



FashionTelevision, also known as FT, was a canadian production special interest show focusing on fashion. The show, created by Jay Levine in 1985 was last organized by Jeanne Becker. Broadcast finally ended on 11 April 2012. The program was originally a local production of city-TV Toronto city-TV the original station. Its popularity there led it to eventually be produced in Canada on various channels owned by chum companies, station owner, and later spawning its own specialty cable channel, television fashion. The show was also broadcast in syndication for many years on VH1, e! and sister network style in the United States, and it continues to air in many parts of Europe, making Beker a very recognizable person in the fashion world. Show theme song was "obsession" for Animotion group. Ctvs parent company, CTVglobemedia bought chum in June 2007. City-TV, which remained the nominal producer of the show throughout its history, was sold to Rogers communications, however, because CTVglobemedia kept the spin-off channel, it also owns the rights to the show itself. Fts terrestrial broadcasts moved from city-TV network CTV in January 2008. April 11, 2012 host Jeanne Beker broke the news on Twitter, saying, "this dream is over: after 27 years, ft production ceased today."



Toronto-the international Fashion and style TV channel broadcast. Founded in France in 1997 by its Polish-born President Michel Adam Lisowski, update widely distributed satellite channels in the world with 31 satellite and 2.000 cable systems. In 2014, there were 400 million viewers worldwide, including 80 million In the Arab countries. Toronto is a media platform offering a review of global fashion and is independently owned and operated from the headquarters in Paris, London and Vienna.


Mosaic Fashions

Mosaic Fashions hf was the parent company of several fashion brands. The company has 1.760 stores and concessions in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA, 234 Franchise stores in 44 countries and 93 joint venture stores including 84 concessions in China.

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