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Berkheya carlinopsis

Berkheya carlinopsis Welw. ex O.Hoffm. is a Southern African herb or subshrub belonging to the family Asteraceae and was first described in 1896 in Boletim da Sociedade Broteriana 13 34. A perennial herb or subshrub up to c. 1.5 m. tall. Stems br ...



Carlinghow is a district of Batley, West Yorkshire, England. It is west of Batley town centre, and stretches up towards White Lee and Birstall, along Carlinghow Lane and Bradford Road. The name means "the hill or burial mound of the "Witch", or " ...


Phyllidia carlsonhoffi

Phyllidia carlsonhoffi has a black body with small rounded yellow tubercles and more or less regularly distributed large conical yellow tubercles in the center of white rings. The ventral surface is a pale cream color, with a median black line on ...


Mecaphesa carletonica


Hilarempis carlieri


Schistura carletoni

Schistura carletoni is a species of ray-finned fish in the stone loach genus Schistura. It is froun in the Beas River basin in Himachal Pradesh, India where it is found in small streams with a fast current in shallow water over gravel or rocky beds.



Carlig may refer to several villages in Romania: Carlig, a village in Popricani Commune, Iasi County Carlig, a village in Dulcești Commune, Neamt County



Carligei may refer to several villages in Romania: Carligei, a village in Bumbești-Pițic Commune, Gorj County Carligei, a village in Bucovat Commune, Dolj County



Carligi may refer to several villages in Romania: Carligi, a village in Filipești Commune, Bacau County Carligi, a village in Stefan cel Mare Commune, Neamt County

Q car

Q car

Q car may refer to: Sleeper car, a car that has high performance and an unassuming exterior Q-type Queens car New York City Subway car Q Carinae, a star in the constellation Carina V337 Carinae, also designated q Carinae, a variable star in the constellation Carina

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