Real love of NK Mondal

Indian famous writer NK Mondal.
That day was Monday, February 17th, 2014. I returned from the mango garden next door. That's when the phone came. The number is familiar. Called a few days. I received the phone. Hello. Tell me. What are you doing. This is coming from the field.Tell me how you are. Fine Well, I'll tell you something. Tell me. Why give me a call every day. I don't know. You are right Yes. But i know Then Marufa's mind is breaking in excitement, for listening to me. Marufa has loved me for the past three years. Many friends have told me about his love.He had earlier given a message of love to a girl named Zhuma. Zhuma used to tell me every day that Marufa likes you. And she loves you very much. Marufa's younger brother was a close friend of mine. Marufad has been in the house for a long time. It's been about three years. Then I went to class XII.If you do not know what to say. What more can I say, you love me. Did i say that Yes true What do i love I did not love, but now I am very much in love. Saying this force me. Don't say i love you Repeatedly, I agreed. I told Marufa I love you. Then I sat in the mango garden. After talking for a few minutes, I left the phone. It was around 12 noon. I came home and took a bath and fell asleep.As soon as I woke up, the mother said, come to eat. Then it was three o'clock on the wall clock. That moment was pleasant and exciting to me. And one of the great things in my life. What a joy for me and Marufa. I have never had such joy in my life. I spoke overnight. That is exactly what youth is like. I did not study literature at the time. Marufa loved me very much. I used to go to their house every day. I loved Marufa's parents brother very much. I used to tell stories about Marufa. Beautiful girlfriend I was very compliant. But she was a stubborn girl.Our love continues. No problem. Marufa gets angry at times too. I have to handle it. I had no desire for sex. Not even today. Marufer's brother had a wife. He would support us. One day, they called me and asked to come to their house. I went to their house. There is no such home. Only Marufa and Boudi. Boudi pushed me into Marufer's room. I did the story for a while. One day there was a big uproar among us. For not kissing But I don't want to kiss Marufa. But there was nothing to do that day.Marufa must kiss. No ban will be heard. An angry woman. I entered Marufar's room. Marufa was reading. He was lying on the bed. I quickly hugged and started to kiss. I had to swing my penis upwards. I adjust myself However, I am a godly man. So do not love what you say. Love will come to life. This is real Marufa fell under the bed. What was soft and soft was Marufer's body. I kissed this first one. There was no trouble since that kiss.After some time, the relationship broke down. Later I did not love anyone else. Now my only job is to lead the way. I still love him with my heart. Marufar is married. Have a boy Still I'm single. Seeing Marufa is how my mind feels. I don't even understand that.