all glass museum display case-Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

For museums, regardless of which type of Museum, he needed acertain display device will exhibit to the audience,all glass museum display case is a very high quality device。In 2006, relicase Collaborating with famous French interior designer Wilmotte Associés SA ; we was tasked with designing the permanent all glass museum display case for these treasures in Museum of Islamic Art, Doha 。.


all glass museum display case range allows for complete all-round visibility.The slim frame on the top element creates an almost invisible all-round viewing for objects in a dramatic setting. Customization of sizes is possible with considerations for internal lighting which is mounted within the frame glass top. Accessories such as hanging rails and graphic backdrops can be incorporated as add-ons later. The case system comes with a concealed drawer for passive silica gel / absorb at the bottom of the case.