How can I go to Gir National Park from Somnath?

The convenient means would be road and the fastest means of transport would be boarding a taxi to reach Gir. Since, there are no flights that directly take you to Sasan Gir from Somnath, you must board a cab.


Location and duration

The entire duration is two hours ten minutes. Distance between the two points is 67.6 kilometers and drivers take the NH-51 route. Besides NH51 there you might also have to travel on Kodinar Dhari Highway. Somnath is situated at 20.89 degree latitude and 70.4 degree longitude. On the other hand, the national park of Gir is situated at 21.11 degree latitude and 70.82 degree longitude.

The direction and distance specifications

Driving distance between Sasan Gir and Somnath is around sixty seven kilometers. And, that is forty two miles and six hundred thirty nine meters. If you are to understand the straight-line distance then that is eight hundred meters which is forty nine kilometers. Therefore, travel time is one hour seventeen minutes. Bearing is sixty degrees and direction is on the north east side.

Options of transport from Somnath so as to reach Sasan Gir

By bus

It is a given fact that there are tons of buses that operate between the stated cities. Hence travelers have the choice and flexibility to choose from the various timings. If you are ever worried about the bus types being available, do not worry. Trippers can choose between a non-A/C sleeper or A/C (2+1) sleeper. There are both multi-axle non AC as well as AC semi-sleepers. Book the bus tickets from Somnath to Gir. Private and government buses frequently run between the two places as well.

By trains

Check the status of the trains, availability, timetable, schedule and status of the train for reaching Gir. You can choose to board the train from Somnath and you can reach within one hour thirty minutes. Nearest station is Maliya Hatina and this is twelve kilometers approximately, from the airport of Diu.

By a car

You can choose to hire a taxi till Sasan Gir from Somnath, if you really wish to travel via road. One can find a complete guide that will help you with routes and stops. In case you are travelling with family, car hire is the perfect option. Basic pricing during hire may differ on the basis of the vehicle you choose and the brand of the car. Companies will not even have to pay toll tax when you have hired a taxi.

By flight

Find the flights till Sasan Gir from Somnath. You can explore availability besides booking the tickets. Many flights directly fly till Sasan Gir National Park from Somnath. Within just one hour you can reach your destination. Make the most of the taxi as well as cab services which are available outside airports. These services further take you from the airport to various other Gir locations. The airport that is nearest to Gir is the Diu Airport. Distance between them is about seventy two kilometers. Research well on cruise, air, bus, train and car routes, before, you come to this exotic location.

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