Alavei Forhad

Alavi Bin Forhad (born February 14, 2003), better known as Alavei Forhad (stylized as Alavei Forhad pronounced ala-vey for-haad) is a Bangladeshi electronic music producer. He has released singles across different genres. He is best known for his particularly remarkable music production. In this small journey, he has been ranked 843 on American musical platform Reverbnation's DJ genre global ranking and #1 on local chart. His first song "Like A King" was released on 2016.

Entirely self-taught, Alavei began producing at the age of 13. He is basically a none vocal instrumentalist. He started his musical travel in 2015. He is also known as ABF but in 2017 he replaced in with the name Alavei Forhad . This name was taken from his full name Alavi Bin Forhad.

He founded a record label on 2015 named Mousike Records. This Mousike was taken from the Greek word, it means Music.