Edo State in Nigeria is faced with unfortunate drain of her youths to either quick death in Africa sea or Harsh realities in Europe. The craze for quick wealth has made everyone to throw morality to the dogs as parents, friends and everyone catch in on the ignorance of these ignorant youths to lure them through the land of death of the Arabs and if they survive, then to their quick death in the embrace of the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately not many have made it pass the merciless Arabs who see the boys as quick means to making money via selling their organs while they watch helplessly as their stomach is butchered and their body parts harvested and sold to buyers in need of these organs. The girls are not left out, the only differences is that they are given pains via incessant rapes before their own body parts are harvested. The film, “ FALLEN STAR” x-rays these madness as produced and directed by Davidson Izegaegbe, a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN) with the hope that the European Union and other organizations charged with the fight against trafficking in persons use this movie as publicity tool to check or reduce the influx of these youths to their quick deaths through the monsters they encounter in the lands of the Arabs or the or the anger of the deadly sea. It is hope the stars won’t be allowed to fall again once the “FALLEN STAR” is completed as a feature film and made public.