GIFA Token Resumes Crypto Trading Service Today


GIFA Token resumes its trading business today on 28 September 2021 at 08:00 a.m. (GMT). ''We are excited to announce the re-opening of GIFAToken's trading platform. ''We, therefore, appreciate all those who show support throughout the ICO and also extend our thanks to the clients who have reached out, whether via email, call, or in-person visiting the office''. ''GIFA Token always prioritizing the safety of the customers, and that’s why the company is committed to regular maintenances and routine upgrades of the platform''.

GIFA Token made the announcement last month before ran extensive maintenance both on the company website and its mobile Apps. During the maintenance period, the company has been in consultation with investors informing them about the urgent need for the platform upgrade. ''We are taking every preventative measure possible to protect the GIFA Token HODLers and the interest of our investors''.

''We make decisions base on the interest of our customers and benevolence of GIFX community as a whole''. We cannot wait to have GIFA Token users back on board to serve them, and we will continue to offer great crypto options and investment opportunities internationally''.

''We are building a long-lasting crypto platform that transforms the cryptocurrency industry into a revenue-driving asset through which all users shall ripe the benefits. The company stays true to this vision, offering a robust cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset that will drive unprecedented results.

These latest system upgrades could reposition GIFA Token as one of the most secure cryptocurrency platforms that adapting to the new digital age and the threats posed by hacking incidents. To ensure high standards of online performance, GIFA Token always exercises appropriate steps to stay ahead of any potential cyber breach and improve the data protection of users.

The digital assets of customers are safe, and kept in a separate secure cold wallet, which is offline.

The GIFA Token's core has been regularly updated over the past months. In September, a new version of GIFA Token core has been released to improve the trading performance, security, scalability, and speed up the transactions. The company also stated that all backlogs in the system had been cleared and the service is back to normal. The digital assets of customers are safe, all kept in a separate secure cold wallet, which is offline.

With the latest update, GIFA Token’s utility is on the rise. The northern Cyprus-based crypto exchange continues to expand its range of high-quality services and crypto solutions to meet the diverse needs of all customers across the globe. Over 400,000 users have registered with GIFX exchange in March 2021, the number has skyrocketed since then to exerts pressure on the system. The upgrade was sought vital, in order to handle and accommodate the increasing number of users.

The rising of corporate crypto and its value is an evident proportion that GIFA Token is here to stay! Over the past months, since GIFA Token was launched, GIFA Token prices demonstrated some positive curves, which is a good indication. GIFA Token's price rally today has picked up some sustainable increases, trading at $23.85 when I writing this article. Analysts expect GIFA Token to sail in the same usual patterns of resistance and magnitude.

Join thousands of traders and investors who make better, brighter decisions in the crypto world. As of today, GIFA Token has reached 54,800 followers on Instagram, the fast-growing social platform with more than one billion monthly active users.


Instagram is one of the social media that helps to draw traffic to a business's website, so the growing number of GIFA Token's Instagram followers, are the denominators of the GIFX global community that represents a strong userbase of this digital currency.

Existing users can sign into their accounts and updated profiles. If you don't have an account yet just click the register button to create one immediately. GIFA support teams are readily available to assist you if you need help. The technicians are also monitoring to identify and prevent potential problems.


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