What Difference Can Our Wholesale Shredded Paper Packaging Make?

Whether you are a small independent business selling on eBay, Depop, or Etsy, or a large company with its own sophisticated e-tail store, you will almost certainly use a lot of packaging for the delivery of your firm’s products.

If you are selling your items online or frequently use shredded paper packaging , here is why you should consider purchasing it in bulk from Shredded-Paper.co.uk.

Improved efficiency

Buying your shredded paper packaging in bulk from one source means that you will always have the packaging you need to hand, ready to go. This, in turn, will mean you won’t have to order extra packaging every time a customer places a new order.

It also means that you will be using a single supplier for your packaging, consolidating what could have been a few separate orders into one. As a result, less time and effort will be spent by employees ordering packaging, leaving them more time to devote to more productive tasks.

This increased efficiency will streamline your business’s day-to-day processes, reduce the chances of any errors, and even save you some money, as buying your shredded paper packaging in bulk can make it cheaper per unit.

Greater environmental friendliness

Buying your shredded paper packaging in bulk requires fewer separate deliveries to your business. Not only does this make things easier to deal with (no one likes having to handle multiple deliveries a week), but it can also make your business more environmentally friendly.

Buying more stock less frequently means a reduction in the need for delivery vans or air miles, which in turn, equates to less fuel used, and therefore decreased air pollution.

As our shredded paper packaging is also recyclable, this allows you to promote your business as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘green’, and ‘carbon conscious’.

Whether you are dutifully committed to the cause, or you want to use this as a selling point for your business, being seen as sustainable and eco-friendly can benefit both your business and the environment as a whole – after all, this really is the only planet we’ve got.

A more streamlined ecommerce customer experience

As more people are buying online, especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential to set your business apart from your increasingly online-based competitors. One way you can do that is by improving overall customer experience.

By purchasing wholesale packaging, you will always have packaging to hand, which means the product will spend less time waiting to be packaged; the risk of any mistakes in ordering the right amount of packaging will also be reduced. Overall, this will make for a quicker and easier dispatch of your products.

Let’s be honest – we all love it when our online purchase shows up earlier than expected! When this happens it's only natural that customers will want to shout it from the rooftops, boosting your online reviews, recommendations, and customer satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Shredded-Paper.co.uk’s great-priced shredded paper packagingon a wholesale basisfor your business today, and benefit from free delivery to most UK mainland postcodes .

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