Make A Highly Significant Career Step In Just One Day, In The Form Of Our Carpentry EWPA - YTA...

While formal qualifications will naturally never be the ‘be all and end all’ of whether someone is capable of fulfilling a certain role, there’s no question that they can still be a very crucial element of a professional’s career development.

That’s no less the case when it comes to our construction training courses here at YTA, with just one course potentially enabling you to take your career a very long way.

And in the case of our Experienced Worker Practical Assessment (EWPA) routes, these ‘courses’ may not be courses at all! In fact, this is a fast-track assessment route allowing those who are already skilled and experienced in a particular trade to quickly upgrade their qualifications in line with the knowledge they possess.

We give tradespeople the opportunity to undertake the EWPA at our West Yorkshire training centre, if they already have at least five years’ experience in wall and floor tiling , bricklaying , plastering , or site carpentry. Whichever of these options you choose, if you satisfy the terms of the one-day assessment, you could soon be the proud holder of an NVQ Level 2 qualification.

This qualification, in turn, doesn’t only allow you to obtain the blue skilled worker CSCS card so that you can work on-site, but can also help boost your all-round employability and career prospects.

So, what will you experience if you do choose the carpentry EWPA?

Presuming it’s the carpentry EWPA you’re interested in taking on due to already being a seasoned carpenter, when you first enquire to us, we will explain what’s involved and put you in touch with an NVQ carpentry assessor, so that a ‘skills scan’ can be undertaken.

If, as a consequence of this discussion, you and the NVQ assessor are confident of your ability to pass the assessment, we can go ahead with booking the EWPA for you.

You can choose to spend just a single day undergoing the assessment at our training centre if you are prepared to arrive for 7:30am, finishing at about 4pm. Once you are here, we will be able to get on with the combination of professional discussion, witness testimonies and practical assessment that makes up the EWPA.

Those undertaking this carpentry route will be tested on such aspects of the job as general workplace safety, efficient work practices, the movement and handling of resources, the installation of first fixing and second fixing components, and the maintenance of non-structural carpentry work. This will be integral to the assessor’s efforts to ensure you are up to NVQ Level 2 standard.

Get in touch with us now to discuss this important assessment route

While we will always take great pride in our full construction training courses here at YTA, we also realise that many of you don’t necessarily need or want to take on a longer course that might be covering aspects of your trade you are highly proficient in already.

This is where the EWPA route – whether for plastering, bricklaying, wall and floor tiling, or site carpentry – can move than prove its worth. Get in touch with us now for a more detailed discussion of your requirements, and to book the EWPA if this is the appropriate path for you.