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So, you're trying to cut down on your cigarette habit or quit smoking altogether, but you're of the best tobacco flavoured e-liquids for smokers (and those trying to quit!)
re finding it more than a little difficult. Indeed, it might seem as if no nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) product really does the trick.

Have you thought, though, of taking a smaller and more manageable step to quitting? Yep, we're referring to our various tobacco e-liquids, which offer that tobacco flavour you love and the sensation of an e-cigarette.

Such e-juices, then, could be just the thing for smokers and those attempting to quit. Let's therefore look at just five tobacco e-liquids in our current range that we reckon you should try.

Classic Tobacco

Our Classic Tobacco e-juice is the most textbook and nostalgic of our tobacco e-liquids , with a taste suitable for smokers of all brands of cigarettes old and new. It's perfect for transporting you back to a time that just seemed so much simpler.

This e-liquid is bold and strong, never compromising on that vintage tobacco flavour. With its top notes of caramel, chocolate and vanilla, our Classic Tobacco e-liquid packs a punch with a hint of sweetness.
Ash Red Tobacco

Are you accustomed to smoking the classic red Marlboro cigarettes, or treating yourself to high-end tobacco every once in a while? Then our Ash Red Tobacco e-liquid might be the one for you.

Why spend a fortune on the classic red Marlboros when you can get the full flavour of these iconic cigarettes for just £1 a bottle at £1 Vape?

Smooth Tobacco

As you may have already guessed, our Smooth Tobacco e-juice boasts the smooth flavour that ensures it very much lives up to its name.

This option has an altogether mellower roasted flavour than the Classic or Red Ash tobacco e-liquids, but still achieves good notes of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

Virginia Green

If you're more drawn to rolling tobacco than buying a pack of cigarettes, our Virginia Green e-juice is very likely to hit the spot!

With its flavour evoking the finest Virginia pouch tobacco, it's an e-juice that gives you a satisfying experience without the need to roll on the go.

Caramel Tobacco

And if you're seeking something a bit different again, there's no sweeter option - in several senses of that word - than our Caramel Tobacco e-liquid.

It's an e-juice that combines all of the best things about the rest of our tobacco e-liquids - including their manufacture from high-quality UK-sourced ingredients and to ISO 9001 Quality Standards - with an irresistible caramel flavour.

Shop for tobacco e-liquids from £1 Vape - and take a key step to quitting!

All of our tobacco e-liquids are available in various nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg, and with a 60% PG to 40% VG ratio.

So, whether you are a current smoker looking for an alternative to expensive cigarettes, or you are trying to quit for good, why not take the next step in your journey with £1 Vape's premium tobacco flavoured e-liquids ?

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