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We have previously written extensively here at Prizma Graphics on the merits of Canon’s ImagePROGRAF large-format inkjet printers, and there are good reasons for that. Indeed, it could be argued that not all of the features of these remarkable devices are acknowledged as much as they should be.

The catch basket on your printer can mean more than you think

The catch basket might not seem an especially important feature of a wide-format printer, but when you invest in a Canon ImagePROGRAF TM-200 or TM-300 inkjet printer , for example, the catch basket can double as a stacker. Some 20 sheets are held face-down in order of printing, thereby preventing the prints from being damaged and saving the user the hassle of sorting.

This is in contrast to certain competitor machines that might have no stacking ability, and that simply offer a catch basket where the prints fall and can become curled, crumpled and damaged. It’s no surprise, then, that so many of our customers favour a wide-format printer that makes the sorting, finishing and packing of their prints infinitely easier, without the need to even unroll them.

Stress-free A3 printing

One thing that many potential buyers of a Canon ImagePROGRAF roll-fed printer may not realise, is that it’s perfectly possible to produce A3 prints using such a machine, without the need to manually feed single A3 cut sheets. You might have been deterred from purchasing a printer from this range due to fears of what a laborious and time-consuming job the latter task would be.

However, in much the same way as half of A0 is A1, half of A2 is A3, which means that you can very much print A3 from an A2 roll. In fact, not only is it quicker and more convenient to print A3 from an A2 roll compared to loading cut sheets, but it’s also more affordable. Furthermore, a Canon ImagePROGRAF dual-roll model allows you to load A0 and A2 simultaneously, thereby covering all possibilities.

Yes, inkjet printers actually can be used for outdoor applications

Another factor that may have thus far left you hesitant to purchase a Canon ImagePROGRAF TM-300 inkjet printer, is a concern that an inkjet machine wouldn’t exactly be the best choice when banners and posters need to be produced for outdoor use. After all, wouldn’t the inks just run when it starts raining?

Actually, that’s not true; the pigment inks that Canon’s ImagePROGRAF large-format printers use incorporate exceptional resistance against water and ultraviolet (UV) rays. This makes them a fine choice for the printing of posters and banners that are expected to be exposed to outdoor conditions unprotected for a short period of time.

If you do need to produce such documents with longer-term outdoor use in mind, you always have the option of purchasing polypropylene and vinyl media to keep those external banners and posters looking good for months to come.

Canon’s printers are also ideal for those needing to use bigger rolls

While the Canon ImagePROGRAF TA and TM-series models accept an already-impressive maximum roll diameter of 150mm, when you opt for a PRO or TX-series machine, that maximum becomes an even more formidable 170mm. If you look at the options from other manufacturers, you might do well to get better than 135mm, which once again illustrates why Canon wide-format inkjet printers enjoy such strong reputations with regard to productivity and value for money.

The bigger the rolls you can use on your large-format printer, the lower the cost per print can be. There will also be less downtime arising from repeated media changes, and you won’t have to spend as much time and money constantly buying replacement paper.

There’s always a solution in the Prizma Graphics range

Whether you are shopping for printers such as the TM-200,TM-300 inkjet printer or others from the Canon ImagePROGRAF range, or the related paper, media, ink and toner cartridges, we’re always available here at Prizma Graphics to advise on the choices that are likely to best suit your intended application.

Give the team a call now on 01296 393700, or send us an email to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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