Types of Curtain Rods You Must Know Before Buying

We always devote all of our energy to choosing shades, yet what about how we hang them? Curtain hanging rods are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Different types of curtain rods, which are frequently an afterthought, have the power to make a trendy claim all their own.

In recent years, a variety of patterns, including such earthy highlights or gold-toned finishes, have influenced curtain rod style. As a result, you'll have a variety of fascinating interior design options! With different types of curtain rods, you can style up your home.

Enjoy perusing the hardware which follows, as well as consider how you can elevate your room by giving practical objects the attention they deserve in terms of design.

Brass Is Back

Let us begin with some simple curtain hanging rods styles that show that brassy finishing is back or likely to stay. Some stylists reported on the revival of brass in 2013, and gold-toned decoration hardware are still typical seven years later.

It's no surprise that several of today's more famous curtain rods styles do have a golden sheen. The satin finish, as well as cylindrical finials, are also the decorative rods.

The Brass curtain rods, along with cylindrical caps, both are traditional and contemporary. This is one of the more common curtain rods styles used in home improvement.

Many designers used luxurious brass curtain rods and hardware in their newly renovated dining room. Gold has an enticing quality to it, and this was the ideal complement to the mint, pink, blue, and palette. The comparison is impressive.

You can use these standard curtain rods in your bedrooms’ bathrooms because the design is clear and plain, but it has a modern feel. Remember some specific hardware in the space when selecting standard curtain rods for the bedroom . The shelf brackets, gold tub faucet, as well, like a picture frame, for example, create gold panel rods a prominent option for this room:

The Satin Brass Classic Panel Hardware Set, along with cap finial, combines a luxurious feel with contemporary style. From the stylish end caps towards the beautifully crafted mounting hardware, this panel rod appears to have plenty of fascinating details without being too busy.

To prove a point, the panel rod does not require to be entirely made of brass. Occasionally, comparison reigns supreme! Metal caps and brackets punctuate a natural wooden rod, providing a subtle contrast of earthy or polished. That curtain rod immediately transports you to another time and place:

Different styles of curtain rods are available.


Traditional curtain rod designs are made up of wood and metal poles of various diameters. Traditional wooden poles with standard lengths and also flexible metal sticks are available from retailers.

The single curtain rod and two curtain rods may be used to place a sheet of sheers under privacy curtains. Traditional rods are often sold as a package with coordinating wall brackets, rings, and finials.

Custom curtain rods are made to the client's particular specifications by specialty manufacturers. Made-to-measure panel rods are slightly more costly than off-the-shelf rods. A homeowner can project the same finish and setup with custom models.


Tension rods are a simple and fast way to hang curtains. The spring rotating mechanism that causes friction between some of the rod ends as well as the wall keeps these rods in place.

Tension rods can be modified in length to match most standard-sized window exposures. Tension rods really have no mounting and screws hardware, so they don't damage walls or window frames. The rod's rubber-tipped ends fit snugly within a window or doorway frame. You can also check window curtains of oxford homeware at affordable prices.

Swing Arm

Swingarm curtain rod designs are useful in situations where other types of panel rods are ineffective. They are readily recognized because they only stick to one side of a window and are controlled by a hinge. The rod and arm are slid into a wall-mounted bracket.

And over the window opening, the panel swings back forth. A fashionable covering for French doors is created by a collection of swing arm curtain rods draped in sheets. Swingarm rods are also a good choice for door sidelights or narrow windows.