Semih Tufan GULALTAY

SEMİH TUFAN GÜLALTAY Semih Tufan Gülaltay was born on 6 August 1968 in Kars. Gülaltay is the father of a child. His father, Sırrı Gülaltay Kars, was also a businessman who had activities such as military contractor, chamber of commerce, and president of the charity "Kızılay" located in Turkey. Sırrı Gülaltay was also found in the establishment of the Kars organization with his relative Ali Rıza Ataman when he became the leader of the CKMP party of Alparslan Türkeş and also served as the district president of Kağızman. Although Semih Tufan Gülaltay started primary school in Kağızman, he continued his education in Bağlarbaşı İcadiye primary school when his family moved to Istanbul in the half term. He graduated from Küçükyalı primary school, started the secondary school department of Küçükyalı high school and participated in activities in Küçükyalı İdü quarries during this period. He enrolled in Fenerbahçe High School and then continued his education in Maltepe High School and graduated. He enrolled in the economics department of Anadolu University and then graduated. While he graduated from the language school in England and enrolled in Politecnik; after a short imprisonment in London, the plaintiff ASLA's financier Haçatoryan was acquitted and returned to his country. WORKS DONE BY SEMİH TUFAN GÜLALTAY IN TURKEY: After 1989, Semih Tufan Gülaltay, he established Ltd. Company, Gülaltay A.Ş. - which is one of the first companies operated in this field in Turkey. Under this corporate group, he has been operated in construction, automotive and plastic industries. He participated in the activities of the associations of Turks who were victimized in war zones such as Karabakh, Cechnya, and East Turkistan, and the establishment of the Ülkü quarries. BOOKS WRITTEN BY SEMİH TUFAN GÜLALTAY: During this period, he was arrested for a short term as a result of the FETÖ plots just because he was in hostility with the Fetullah Gülen organization, but was acquitted as a result of the trials. He was arrested in 1998 on the charge of the instigator of the shooting of a separatist and Kurdish person named Akın Birdal; He served 65 months in prison, first in Ankara Ulucanlar, then in Kastamonu, Ordu, Yozgat and Bolu prisons. From the Birdal case; Even the chief public prosecutor's office of the Supreme Court of Appeals and the rapporteur Judge of the Court of Cassation demanded an acquittal, but was convicted of 19 years. In this prison process, he published his books such as: The Secret History of the Turks Big Turk Says Karbala Kağızmanlı Hıfsı The Epic of Alper Tonga The Assassination of Bab-ı Ali Is Fetullah a Muslim? The Secret History of the Turks (3 volumes) After being released from prison on 12 October 2002, he became the chairman of the National Unity Party in 2004. During this process, he was targeted by the obstructions and slanders of the Fetullahist organization, and the chairmanship of the party was dropped due to the Constitutional violation of Nuri Ok, the Chief Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals. The Fetullahist organization made an intense effort to confuse its name with the assassination of the Council of State in 2006. He was taken into custody on 2 April 2007 within the scope of the Ergenekon case and was released after being detained in the Tekirdağ F-type prison and Silivri prisons after 7 years and three months in Bayrampaşa prison. Since the events were revealed to be a conspiracy, the Ergenekon case file was acquitted of the gang lawsuits filed against him. In Semih Tufan Gülaltay prison, he continued his book studies in the field of history and philosophy. He has finished and published his books "About Kurdishness Not Written Up To Date" and "Gregorian Turks", "Knowing Allah", "History of Dodurga Turks". Gülaltay also was the founder and honorary president of the Mediterranean Countries Businessmen Associations in Istanbul, Ankara, Kocaeli, Samsun, Montenegro, Morocco, Lebanon in 2019. In March 2021, he founded the Kutlu Yol Political Party and know he carry out party formation works.