Top 20 Waterfalls in Pakistan.




These top 20 gorgeous waterfalls in Pakistan have been selected out of a total of 60 all across the country. The criterion for selection was their beauty, grandness, and relatively easy accessibility to families.

List of Top 20 waterfalls in Pakistan

  1. Umbrella Waterfall Poona, Haveli
  2. Neela Sandh Waterfall Kotli Sattian
  3. Noori de Than Waterfall Jabri, Haripur
  4. Kiwai Kaghan, Shogran KPK
  5. Bissa Kotli Sattian
  6. Bruti waterfall Islamabad
  7. Shumber Waterfalls, Islamabad
  8. Sajjikot Waterfall Havelian
  9. Narh waterfall, Punjpeer, Kahuta
  10. Gulpur Mahuli waterfalls, Kotli Azad Kashmir
  11. Cham Waterfall Chakothi Azad Kashmir Chinari
  12. Manthoka Waterfall, Skardu
  13. Mahodand Waterfall, Kalam Swat
  14. Jarogo waterfall, Matta Swat highest
  15. Moola Chotok, Khuzdar Baluchistan
  16. Pir Ghaib, Bolan Pass, Baluchistan
  17. Farphu Bagrot Valley Gilgit Baltistan
  18. Ratti Galli Waterfall, Sharda Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan
  19. Kanhatti Gardens, Soon Sakesar
  20. Jahaz Banda Kumrat Valley, Dir Chitral

Umbrella Waterfall Poona, Havelian

Umbrella Waterfall is 150 km from Islamabad and it takes 3 hours to get there.

Umbrella waterfall is 481 km and 6 hours from Lahore.

If you use the Islamabad Peshawar motorway

  • Turn towards Abbottabad from Hazara interchange
  • You’d have to get off Shah Maqsood Interchange and
  • Drive towards Havelian town.
  • Immediately after Havelian, but before the last big bridge towards Abbottabad, you’d have to turn right towards Kiala-Sajjikot.
  • You will drive for a while along the Dor River to reach Kiara town in Havelian and then the hill road begins and beautiful Pine trees appear.
  • The small town lanes and roads inside Havelian are tricky so, follow the Google Maps route I have pasted here for Umbrella Waterfall.


Keep asking to go to Sajjikot, which is on the way towards the Umbrella waterfall, otherwise, no one will be able to guide you.

If you make a wrong turn in the narrow lanes, you’d end up far away from where you are headed.

Exactly after 3 hours, you’d reach Poona village, and there is a temporary roadblock after Poona.

Park your car at the last parking in Poona and hike down 15 minutes to Umbrella waterfall.

The Hike up from Umbrella is tough due to incline, so crawl slowly up in the slowest speed possible, or you will cramp your muscles. Hike up is 45 minutes if you are of average fitness.


Get to Umbrella Waterfall early so that you can get the best picture and enjoyment spots downstream from the site.

Families and even foreigners come to the place, just bring along male family members, just in case.

There is no misbehavior, death, or theft ever reported at Umbrella Waterfall Poona, Havelian.

The Umbrella waterfall is one of the most picturesque, gorgeous, and enjoyable places in Pakistan for families and singles alike.


Figure 1: Umbrella Waterfall Google Map ;don’t use the Talhar, Islamabad route as it is too winding and annoying.


Neela Sandh Waterfall Kotli Sattian

Neela Sandh Waterfall and the mini pond is located near Mouri Syedan on the Lehtrar – Kotli Syedan Road.

It takes 1.5 hours to drive 50 km to Neela Sandh from Islamabad.

  • You can take the Chak Shehzad road to reach Lehtrar Road, the Simply Dam road to reach Lehtrar, or use the Khanna Pul road.
  • In all cases, time will be the same.
  • I use the Khanna Pul road, as the road condition is good here.
  • First, you reach the Chira stop of Nilor town and take the road on the right side towards Neela Sandh.

There is plenty of food to eat at the hotel there. It would be better to get your picnic food.

Bring lots of water with you like the water there is expensive and you get very thirsty.

The best part of Neela Sandh is that the water stream is clean as it comes from the mountains of Kahuta that no one is allowed to venture into.

Then there is a blue-colored water pond below a 100-foot height waterfall.

People are allowed to swim there with life jackets that you can get there.

Lots of families go to Neela Sandh during the weekend so get there early.


Figure 2: Neela Sandh Map on the Lehtrar Road; to follow the Google Maps route click here.


Get to Neela Sandh Early and place chairs at a nice shaded spot upstream so that women can enjoy the cool water too.

I have never heard of any death or any theft at Neela Sandh.


Noori de Than Waterfall Jabri, Haripur

Noori waterfall of Jabri village Haripur is short for Noorean de Than. Jabri village is closer toIslamabad Pir Sohawathan Haripur.

Noori waterfall Haripur is 55 km and 2 hours’ drive from Islamabad on Pir Sohawa Road, just over beautiful Margalla Hills.

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