Топ-100 ⓘ Transport on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The Gold Coast is t

ⓘ Transport on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The Gold Coast is the largest regional city and fastest growing city in Australia. As a result, the Gold Coast has a wi ..

Transport on the Gold Coast, Queensland

ⓘ Transport on the Gold Coast, Queensland

The Gold Coast is the largest regional city and fastest growing city in Australia. As a result, the Gold Coast has a wide range of public and private transport options from cars and bikes to buses, heavy rail and light rail. The car is the dominant mode of transport in the city with an extensive arterial road network that connects the standard residential streets with major suburbs and motorways.

Public Transport on the Gold Coast is managed by the Queensland Governments Department of Transport and Main Roads, while Translink coordinates the Transport network in South East Queensland.


1.1. Walking and Cycling Behaviour change

Active travel is the brand for Gold Coast behaviour change programs for encouraging sustainable transport. Enjoy the way you move is the tag line that rewards those already walking and cycling and encourages reflection on behaviour change for anyone who doesnt enjoy traffic jams.


1.2. Walking and Cycling Walking

The Gold Coast has extensive paths one of which is called the Gold Coast Oceanway which is a 36 kilometres 22 mi network of pathways along the coastline. Locals residents and visitors alike often walk to the beach, shops or anywhere nearby, particularly so in areas of high-density living.

The Gold Coast hinterland also embraces the World Heritage listed Lamington National Park, established in 1915, with over 160 kilometres 99 mi of graded walking tracks maintained by the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service. The development of the national park tracks and accommodation at Binna Burra owe a great deal to the work of Romeo Lahey and Arthur Groom in the 1920s and 1930s.


1.3. Walking and Cycling Cycling

The Gold Coast is largely flat providing excellent opportunities for cycling, most major road corridors have dedicated cycle lanes located on the roads. The river corridors provide opportunities to link west from the Gold Coast Oceanway out to the hinterland. The V1 is an emerging cycle route along the M1 motorway corridor from Smith Street, Gaven to the Logan River at Beenleigh. In the future it will be extended southwards along the M1 corridor through Nerang, Robina, Varsity Lakes, West Burleigh, Palm Beach and behind the Gold Coast Airport to the New South Wales state border.

The Gold Coast City Council has taken action in recent years to promote active travel. Mobike is a bike sharing company that operates in the city under contract from the council. Rather than only being able to access bikes from designated locations, this scheme allows people to borrow a bike wherever there is one available, and ride it to the desired destination without the need to return it to a docking station. However, users can access up to 34 preferred bike parking areas known as Mobike Preferred Locations. These areas are conveniently located beside key transport interchanges and existing city infrastructure, and they are easily identified by Mobike signs and ground markings.


2. Road network

The Gold Coast main mode of transport is by private vehicles which has resulted in the city having an extensive road network for an Australian regional city. Gold Coasts road are managed by all three level of Governments.

The Australian Federal Government is responsible for the maintaining the Pacific Motorway M1, the citys main thoroughfare and a recognised nation freight route. Pacific Motorway commences in the Brisbane CBD and travels south passing through the western suburbs of the Gold Coast and continues on through Northern New South Wales.

Department of Transport and Main Roads, A division of the Queensland Government manages all state regionsied routes throughout Queensland. State designated routes can be identified by a white number inside a blue shield. The Gold Coast state routes typically commence from the Pacific Motorway and connect with major commercial and residential hubs. State roads travelling in a north to south direction will be designated in single digits where as state roads travelling in an east to west direction will be designated in double digits.

The suburban road network is maintained by the Gold Coast City Council.


3. Public Transportation

Gold Coasts public transport system consists of heavy rail, buses and light rail.

TransLink is a division of the Department of Transport and Main Roads that manages the planning, co-ordination, integrated ticketing and zoning for public transport services covering Brisbane and the rest of South East Queensland. It contracts Queensland Rail, Surfside Buslines and Keolis Downer Gold Coast light rail operator to operate public transport services in allocated operating areas for a negotiated price, and keeps all fare receipts. Passengers pay common fares, based on the number of zones travelled through, on all the public transport modes covered including trains, buses and light rail, irrespective of who operates the service. In 2007, Translink introduced the go card smartcard-based ticketing system. Paper tickets are still available, but travel using the go card costs significantly less than using a paper ticket.

Rail services are operated by Queensland Rail which provides CityTrain services on the Gold Coast Railway line from the southern terminus in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast to Brisbane Airport via Brisbane City. Light Rail services are operated by Keolis Downer branded as G:link which operate a single 20 kilometer line from Broadbeach South to Helensvale via the key activity precincts of Surfers Paradise and Southport. Surfside Buslines under contract from Translink provides an extensive bus network of 56 bus routes that includes high frequency and suburban services.

After some years of decline, the Gold Coast public transport system is being revitalised and finding greater patronage, with significant investment in light rail construction and extensions, a completely reorganised and simplified bus network.


3.1. Public Transportation Buses

Surfside Buslines operates its Queensland services under the Translink integrated public transport scheme. TransLink is responsible for all timetabling and ticketing while Surfside provides the bus service, covering the majority of the city.

Buses generally operate on a 05:00 to midnight timetable throughout the week, with some Friday and Saturday night 24-hour services.


3.2. Public Transportation Heavy Rail

Due to the citys close proximity to Brisbane it is included in Brisbanes CityTrain network with an interurban Gold Coast railway line commencing in Central station and traveling southbound running express between Park Road and Beenleigh stations stopping only at Altandi and Loganlea. After departing from Beenleigh the line stops at all Gold Coast stations largely running adjacent to the Pacific Motorway M1 before terminating in Gold Coast suburb of Varsity Lakes. It takes approximately 100 minutes to travel from Central railway station in the Brisbane Central Business District to Varsity Lakes railway station. Much of the line was built as single track in the 1990s but has gradually been duplicated with the last section of duplication completed in 2017.


3.3. Public Transportation Light Rail

The Gold Coast is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia with travel demands exceeding population growth. In order to tackle congestion effectively, there is a need to squeeze much more capacity from existing corridors. The new G:link is a 20 km light rail system, opened in 2014, operates from Broadbeach South to the Helensvale. The G:link provides the suburbs of Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Main Beach, Southport, Parkwood and Helensvale with a modern and high frequency transport system. The light rail operates at a high frequency with services every 8 minutes in peak times and 15 minutes in off-peak during weekdays and every 10 minutes on the weekends. The system is expected to encourage visitors and residents to use public transport to reduce major traffic congestion and pollution problems.

Gold Coast City Council is planning for a third stage of the line that would extend south from connecting to Burleigh Heads. The proposed 6.6 kilometer southern extension of the light rail line will continue southbound from the existing Broadbeach South station to Burleigh Heads with approximately 8 new light rail stations with Burleigh Heads being the new southern terminus for the line. The exact location and names of the new stations will be released in late 2018 with the Detailed Business Case. It is estimated that the Burleigh Heads extension will cost approximately $670 million with construction commencing in 2020 and taking 3 years to complete.


3.4. Public Transportation Major Transport Hubs

There are serval major transport hubs on the Gold Coast that offer connecting services to the Light Rail, Bus and Heavy Rail network.

Major transport hubs include;

  • Nerang Railway station, offers connecting train and bus services to Eastern suburbs
  • Ormeau railway station, provides connecting bus services to northern Gold Coast suburbs as well the City of Logan which forms part of the Greater Brisbane Metropolitan area.
  • Helensvale Light and Heavy Rail Interchange, provides Queenslands first tri-model interchange, providing connecting services to the train, bus and light rail network.
  • Varsity Lakes railway station, offers connecting services to the Gold Coast railway line and bus connections to southern suburbs.
  • Robina Railway station, offers connecting train and bus services to Eastern suburbs.
  • Tweed Mall Shopping centre, located in adjacent town of Tweed Heads in New South Wales offers connecting bus services to Surfside Buslines New South Wales services.
  • Southport bus and light rail interchange, provides a G:link and bus interchange for the Gold Coast Central Business District.
  • Broadbeach South bus and light rail interchange, offers connecting G:link light rail services and bus connections to western and southern suburbs.

4.1. Airports Gold Coast Airport

The Gold Coast Airport is a Domestic and International Airport that services the City of Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales. The entrance to the airport is situated in the suburb of Bilinga of the Gold Coast Highway while The runway itself straddles the state border of Queensland and New South Wales. During summer these states are in two different time zones. The Gold Coast Airport operates on Queensland Time all year round year-round AEST / UTC+10.

For the 2015–16 financial year, Gold Coast Airport exceeded 6 million passengers. It is the sixth-busiest airport in Australia, and the busiest outside a state capital, in terms of passengers, and eighth-busiest in aircraft movements. It is also the third-fastest-growing airport in the country.


4.2. Airports Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is the primary domestic and international airport servicing South East Queensland. Brisbane Airport is located in Queenslands state capital of Brisbane and is only a one-hour drive from the Gold Coast CBD in Southport to the Airport. The airport services 31 airlines flying to 50 domestic and 29 international destinations, in total amounting in more than 22.9 million passengers who travelled through the airport in 2017.

The airport has two railway stations as part of a privately owned airport rail line. The international terminal railway station is elevated and located next to the international terminal, as is the domestic railway station. The Airtrain Citylink travels via the Queensland Rail City network to Brisbane CBD, trains continuing to the Gold Coast, terminating at Varsity Lakes.


5. Historic

The South Coast Railway Line was a railway line that connected the towns of the South Coast region now known as the City of the Gold Coast with Brisbane, the state capital. The Beenleigh railway line was opened in 1885 with a further 42 kilometer extension being completed to Southport in 1889. The initial stretch from Beenleigh included stations at Yatala, Ormeau, Pimpama, Coomera, Oxenford, Helensvale, Coombabah, Ernest Junction and Southport. An extension from Southport to Queensland/ New South Wales border town of Tweed Heads was completed in 1903. The extension included an extra 11 stations to towns like Nerang and Coolangatta before finally terminating in Tweed Heads.

Passenger trains ran from South Brisbane to Southport with connecting trains from Ernest Junction or Southport to Tweed Heads. Picnic and excursion trains ran through from South Brisbane to Tweed Heads on Sundays.

Due to the popularity of the motor car in the 1950s and political interest in funding road transport, the Tweed Heads stretch of the line was closed in 1961 with the Southport line closing itself in 1964. For over 30 years since closure of the South Coast line in 1964 the closest railway station for the Gold Coast was in Beenleigh. A new railway line following a different alignment adjacent to the Pacific Motorway called the Gold Coast railway line was finally constructed with the first stage completed to Helensvale in 1996, once again giving the growing city of the Gold Coast a rail connection to Brisbane.


6. Future Infrastructure

Gold Coast is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia and this has caused a growing problem with congestion, with much of the existing road network approaching capacity. All three levels of government in Australia have been exploring options to reduce congestion on Gold Coast roads and to reduce travel time.


6.1. Future Infrastructure Pacific Motorway upgrade

The Pacific Motorway is one Australias busiest highways and is a national freight route, it is estimated that up to 155, 000 vehicles use the Gold Coast section of the motorway each that with this figure forecasted to rise. The Queensland State Government and Australian Federal Government are jointly working together to upgrade the Pacific Motorway.


6.2. Future Infrastructure Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes

The Australian Federal Government and Queensland State Government are currently working together to widen 5.7 kilometers of Pacific Motorway from 2 lanes to 3 lanes in each direction between Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes. The project is expected to be completed by mid – 2020.


6.3. Future Infrastructure Varsity Lakes – Tugun

The widening and upgrade of the Pacific Motorway between Varsity Lakes and Tugun is currently in the planning stages with the project estimated to cost around 1.036 billion to complete.


6.4. Future Infrastructure Gold Coast Light Rail extension

There is currently strong political support for the G:link light rail system to be extended south to the Gold Coast Airport with Gold Coast City Council endorsing support for the extension to the airport in 2016.


6.5. Future Infrastructure Stage 3A – Burleigh Heads extension

An extension form the existing Broadbeach South terminus to Burleigh Heads is currently being planned. A 6.6 kilometer extension with 8 new light rail stations are proposed with the line running down the middle of the Gold Coast Highway, reducing minimal disruptions to the existing road corridor. Queensland State Government and City of Gold Coast have committed $5 million each in developing a Detailed Business Case that will analyse the costs and options for stage 3A.


6.6. Future Infrastructure Stage 3B – Gold Coast Airport extension

The Gold Coast City Council released a list of potential routes for stage three in November 2015 and invited public comment. Ideas included a southern extension from Broadbeach South to Burleigh Heads, two options from Nobby Beach to Robina station, from Varsity Lakes station to Burleigh Heads, from Varsity Lakes station to Gold Coast Airport and two options from Burleigh Heads to Gold Coast Airport. 3606 people responded to the survey. Nearly 80 percent supported an extension to Burleigh Heads and 70 percent also supported a further extension to the airport.

The councils Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031 supports a future expansion to the airport. The 14 kilometer extension of the light rail line from the proposed Burleigh Heads station would continue south along the Gold Coast Highway, passing through the southern suburbs of Palm Beach and Tugun before terminating at the Airport.


6.7. Future Infrastructure Heavy Rail extension

There have been numerous proposal over the years to extend the existing railway corridor from Varsity Lakes to the Gold Coast Airport. The Queensland Governments Department of Transport and Main Roads completed planning for a proposed extension to the airport in 2005 with additional planning undertaken in 2009 to establish a preferred corridor. The first stage was completed to Varsity Lakes station was completed in 2009 but the second stage has been meet with a number of setbacks and budget constraints. The Queensland Government still plans to extend the line with stations proposed at Tallebudgera, Elanora, Tugun and the Gold Coast Airport however the state government is not likely to start construction till after the Brisbanes Cross River Rail project is completed in 2024 to increase South East Queensland rail network capacity.

  • The Gold Coast railway line is an interurban railway line operated by Queensland Rail in Queensland Australia, connecting Brisbane with the Gold Coast
  • The Gold Coast is a coastal city in the Australian state of Queensland approximately 66 kilometres 41 mi south - southeast of the state capital Brisbane
  • also known as the Gold Coast Light Rail, is a light rail system serving the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. The system forms part of the TransLink s
  • Gold Coast University Hospital light rail station also known GCUH or University Hospital is a major public transport interchange, providing an important
  • end of the Gold Coast and approximately 90 km 56 mi south of center of Brisbane, within South East Queensland agglomeration. The entrance to the airport
  • some tracks to be duplicated. In June 2004, Queensland Government announced rail duplication of the Gold Coast line between Ormeau and Coomera stations.
  • Queensland The Gold Coast Oceanway is a shared use pedestrian and cyclist pathway on the Gold Coast connecting the Point Danger lighthouse on the New
  • There are nineteen stations in the G: link, a light rail system serving the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. The system consists of a single 20 - kilometre
  • locality in the northern part of City of Gold Coast Queensland Australia. Gilberton has acid sulphate soil in naturally water - logged conditions. The lowering
  • The following is a timeline of history of the city of Gold Coast Queensland Australia. 1846 The schooner Coolangatta is wrecked on the coast close to
  • Sport on the Gold Coast has a rich history. As a popular tourist destination leisure sports like Golf, but most particularly sports associated with its
  • 153.4162HOTA - Home of the Arts is an arts centre that sits on the banks of the Nerang River in the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. Music, Theatre
  • though it tends to include Queensland s three largest cities: the capital city Brisbane the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast Its most common use is for
  • Miami is a coastal suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. Miami is located along the Gold Coast Highway, 7 kilometres 4.3 mi south of Surfers
  • network, the Blackwater and Goonyella coal networks, and the Caboolture to Gladstone section of the North Coast line. On 2 June 2009 the Queensland Government
  • The Queensland Ambulance Service QAS is the chief provider of out - of - hospital emergency care and ambulance transport in the state of Queensland Australia
  • The Gold Coast Sports Precinct is a series of sports facilities and venues, located on the Gold Coast Queensland in Australia. The precinct has hosted
  • The South Coast railway line was an Australian railway from Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland to the Gold Coast It operated from 1889 to 1964
  • The Star Gold Coast formerly Jupiters Hotel and Casino is a casino and hotel located in the suburb of Broadbeach on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia
  • university, the first of its type in Queensland and Australia. It is located at Robina on the Gold Coast In 1992, the Central Queensland University and
  • suburbs of the Gold Coast Translink bus stop information is available from TransLink. Queensland portal Transport portal Transport on the Gold Coast Queensland
  • Paradise is a coastal suburb within the local government area of City of Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. At the 2011 census, Surfers Paradise had a
  • State Routes on the Gold Coast and in regional Queensland are mostly numbered separately from those of Brisbane. This came into effect in the mid to late
  • the Commonwealth that were held on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia, between 4 and 15 April 2018. It was the fifth time Australia had hosted the
  • the public transit agency for South East Queensland TransLink is part of the Department of Transport and Main Roads and was first introduced by the Queensland
  • located in the Gold Coast district of South East Queensland Australia. The estuary reaches from the locality of Southport in the south, to the southern
  • the Government of Queensland created the South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program to manage the investment in new transport infrastructure
  • 2013 Veolia Transport Queensland was rebranded as Transdev Queensland Since 2016, Transdev Brisbane Ferries and Transdev Queensland share the same website
  • The Gold Coast central business district CBD is the planned main commercial centre of the Gold Coast Queensland Australia. The area encompasses an
  • and the central business district near the midpoint of Gold Coast Queensland Australia and has one of the city s largest communities. As of the 2016

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Gold Coast Public Transport Gold Coast Australia.

Sand Transport and Shoreline Evolution, Northern Gold Coast. Australia. D.C. Patterson†. †WBM Pty Ltd Civil Engineering, University of Queensland. Brisbane. AMA Transport Training Driving Schools Gold Coast Queensland. Gold Coasts public transport system consists of heavy rail, buses and light rail. Rail services are operated by Queensland Rail which provides Citytrain services on the Gold Coast Railway line from the southern terminus in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast to Brisbane Airport via Brisbane City.

Gold Coast Transport How To Get Around The Gold Coast.

Transport gold coast airport to helensvale. Surface Limousines 3.15 km Po Box 1334, Oxenford, QLD, 4210. The Ballina, Byron Bay, Casino, Gold Coast region is. Town Car Services Serving San Diego, CA & Kona, HI Gold Coast. Gold Coast Australia Queensland Rail operates regular electric train services between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. either hire a car or get a shuttle bus or private chauffered transport to your accommodation at the Sunshine Coast​.

How to Get to Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Gold Coast Map of.

The Gold Coast is one of Queenslands busiest holiday destinations and with over 45 flights arriving daily, the city must be well connected to transport in order to. Transport and Main Roads Queensland @TMRQld Twitter. Nerang, Queensland, Australia Welcome to Gold Coast of water, wastewater, and transportation services since joining the Gold Coast community in 2004. Cubics Smart Ticketing Technology Now Available Across Gold. Pages in category Public transport on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The following 11 pages are in this category, out of 11 total. This list may not reflect recent.

Bombardier Celebrates the Opening of Queenslands Light Rail.

ADAM MALEY HORSE TRANSPORT PTY LTD is located in GOLD COAST MC, QUEENSLAND, Australia and is part of the Trucking Industry. ADAM MALEY. Gold coast airport to surfers paradise uber INSD. Transport on the Gold Coast, Queensland. DNV TRANSPORT QLD PTY LTD LinkedIn. A transport that offers a pick up and a drop off molded on your tourist needs a ride to Tamborine Mountain or just a getaway to Glitter Strip, Surfers Paradise.

Ride to Gold Coast Airport OOL Uber.

Gold Coasts light rail scheme has attracted great interest since the off public transport across southeast Queensland, especially on rail. ADAM MALEY HORSE TRANSPORT PTY LTD Company Profile. Gold Coast. Our Gold Coast map & transportation guide will help you get to know the area. Gold Coast, Queensland 4217 Australia. Driving Directions.

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This article is about a city in Queensland, Australia. For a more direct service, Gold Coast SkyBus provides transportation from Gold Coast Airport to hotels. Gold Coast Rapid Transit Stage 1, Australia Aurecon. With international airports located in Brisbane, Cairns, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, as well as various regional and island airports, theres a number of. Arups $950m Gold Coast light rail system opens to the public. Kinetics Gold Coast bus network will soon operate 10 electric buses following a government announcement this week. Driving & Public Transport in QLD Queensland Australia. The official MyTransLink app is the perfect Queensland travel companion. Travellers and commuters can intuitively plan with real time public transport.

Gold Coast Transportation.

Do I have to wear a face mask on public transport in Gold Coast? between Brisbane, QLD, Australia and Gold Coast, QLD, Australia?. Gold Coast to Brisbane 4 ways to travel via train, bus, tram, taxi. The City of Gold Coasts Open Data Portal can help you access our GIS data. bus services, we use the following datasets for transport planning: road segments​, pram services, in cooperation with South East Queensland Water Seqwater. Следующая Войти Настройки. Transport Disadvantage and Social Status: A Gold Coast Pilot. Offering passengers a comfortable and scenic way to view the inland coast of Queensland, the Sunlander travels return from Brisbane to Cairns three times per​. Transport on the Gold Coast, Queensland pedia. AirportGold Coast Airport is located at Coolangatta, 22 kilometers south of Surfers Paradise. Gold Coast Airport has a transport and information desk right. THE TOP 10 Gold Coast Travel & Transportation Services w Prices. Queensland Rail staff tell me I should catch a train to Nerang and get the Malcolm Turnbull backs public transport with $95m for Gold Coast.

Queensland Transportation iExplore.

The car is the dominant mode of transport for Gold Coast but with the increasing population that leads to more traffic congestion. This has led to the Queensland. Lonestar Coachlines 1st Choice for Bus Charters on the Gold Coast. UPADTE: Very dangerous thunderstorm on GoldCoast ⚠️ Intense rainfall that may lead to dangerous and life threatening flash flooding is likely. 42mm was.

Gold Coast Stantec.

TransLinks bus, train and tram network can connect you to places all over the Gold Coast. Their integrated network on the Gold Coast includes the G:link trams, Surfside buslines and Queensland Rail. Visit.au or call 13 12 30 for information or to plan your journey using public transport. Transportation in Gold Coast near me QLD Fam. The Gold Coast Light Rail project is part of the Queensland Governments and City of light rail transport from Helensvale along the coastal strip to Coolangatta​. ME.Transport Gold coast @me transport Instagram photos and. To use public transport including buses, trains, and ferries in Brisbane, Queensland, and includes services from Brisbane to the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.

Occupational health and metabolic risk factors: A pilot intervention.

Jago Dodson undertake a preliminary investigation of public transport and the spatial distribution of vulnerable social groups on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Gold Coast travel. Transportation in Gold Coast, QLD plus lots of other great things to do with kids.

Transport gold coast airport to helensvale Buenos Aires Logic Group.

The light rail system runs 13km along the Queensland seafront The first stage of Arups $950m light rail system for the Queensland city of Gold Coast the GoldLinQ consortium, which includes Bombardier Transportation. City of Gold Coast Open Data Portal. What its like catching public transport on the Gold Coast for the first time. Navigating Queenslands buses, trams and trains. By. Luke Gibbons. Category:Public transport on the Gold Coast, Queensland pedia. Airtrain connects passengers from the Brisbane Airport to the City in 20 minutes, and travels express to the Gold Coast. Passengers can catch Airtrain and Tram. Gold Coast OOL Airport Shuttle Service. Coachlines helps 3000 people with their bus charters on the Gold Coast. As an Accredited Bus and Coach Operator in both Queensland and New South as well, with our full sized coaches able to safely transport up to 57 passengers.

AAA Travel Guides Gold Coast, AUS.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Queenslands Gold Coast has long been a an integrated public transport system that included a fast, convenient light rail. Transport on the Gold Coast, Queensland Facts for Kids. All Items 4. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other. G. G:link stations List of G:link stations Gold Coast railway line. R. Brisbane to Gold Coast 4 ways to travel via train, bus, tram, taxi. Check out our guide to Queensland transport to steer you in the right direction. There are international airports in Brisbane, Cairns and the Gold Coast, as well.

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