Топ-100 ⓘ Tarascon, sometimes referred to as Tarascon-sur-Rhone, is a

ⓘ Tarascon, sometimes referred to as Tarascon-sur-Rhone, is a commune situated at the extreme west of the Bouches-du-Rhone department of France in the Provence-Al ..


ⓘ Tarascon

Tarascon, sometimes referred to as Tarascon-sur-Rhone, is a commune situated at the extreme west of the Bouches-du-Rhone department of France in the Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur region. Inhabitants are referred to as Tarasconnais or Tarasconnaises. The patron saint of the city is Martha of Bethany, whose motto is "Concordia Felix".


1. Geography

Tarascon is located 23 km 14 mi south of Avignon and 20 km 12 mi north of Arles, on the left east bank of the Rhone River. On the other side is the similarly sized town of Beaucaire in the departement of Gard, region of Languedoc-Roussillon. Directly opposite each other and connected by several bridges, Beaucaire and Tarascon effectively constitute one town, with about 30.000 inhabitants. An irrigation canal of 18.00 km length rejoins the Rhone near Tarascon.

The climate in the Alpilles is considered Mediterranean. The winters are mild and dry and the summers hot and dry. The maximum temperature is observed in July and August + 29 °C = ~84 °F, the minimum temperature in December and January + 3 °C = ~37 °F. The rainiest month is January with seven days of rain on average, against two days in July, the driest month. The Alpilles region receives more rainfall than the coast of the Mediterranean: 500 mm / year in the Camargue against 600–700 mm / year for the Alpilles. The mistral blows violently from the north or northwest, especially in winter and spring. The mistral blows strongly 100 days a year on average and more weakly for 83 days, which leaves only 182 windless days per year. Two types are distinguished; the "white mistral", which clears the sky, and the rarer "black mistral", which is accompanied with rain.


2. History

Shards dating from the Late Bronze Age have been found in a shelter at a place called the Leque, confirming the existence of human settlement in the Alpilles since prehistoric times. Settlement spread in the early Iron Age. At Tarascon, the sites sit alongside the Rhone, near the church of Sainte-Marthe.

In the second part of the first Iron Age 7th–6th centuries BC, the population, shifted from a nomadic lifestyle to a sedentary one and began to construct extensive buildings. Trade intensified with the Eastern Mediterranean, with the people of the area likely trading grain for luxury goods.

Located along the Rhone, at the crossroads between Avignon, the Camargue and the Luberon, Tarascon is still associated with fairy tales and legends dating back to prehistory. According to tradition, Martha of Bethany, who came from Judea, landed at Tarascon c. AD 48 where an amphibious dragon was destroying the river traffic. She tamed the beast only for it to be butchered by the townspeople. Many pilgrims visit the Royal College of Sainte-Marthe, built in her honor near the castle of King Rene. This sanctuary, the main monument of the city, contains the relics and the tomb of St. Martha in the crypt which was built on the exact location of her house.

Rostagnetus of Tharascone, knight, was provost of Nice, Alderman of Tarascon 1322, 1325 and son of former co-lords of the city in the 12th century. In 1366-67, Guillam de Sault ruled Tarascon. He received an annual salary of 90 florins. The death of Queen Joanna I reopened a succession crisis at the head of the County of Provence, the cities of the Aix Union 1382-1387 supporting Charles de Duras against Louis I of Anjou. Tarascon hesitated before joining the Union of Aix, the community deciding in 1383, without committing itself very firmly. When Louis I died, Tarascon was also one of the first cities to receive Jacques Reillanne, Ambassador of his widow Marie de Blois, regent of Louis II of Anjou, in the summer of 1385. He successfully persuaded them to switch sides and join the Angevin Kings of Anjou. The castle is well preserved. The work of construction began in 1400 under Louis II of Anjou and completed in 1449 by his son, King Rene, led by Guillaume Crespin, captain of the castle, and his lieutenant, Regnault Serocourt, its close relative. With an impressive defensive system, the building also houses a princely residence.

The town was damaged by Allied bombings from June to August 1944, during World War II. The bombings, targeting the bridges across the Rhone in an attempt to hamper the German retreat, destroyed parts of the old town. The first bombing took place on June 25, 1944. On August 16, 1944, the tip of the church tower of Eglise Sainte-Marthe was destroyed.


3.1. Sights Collegiate Church

Eglise collegiale Ste Marthe St Marthas Collegiate Church is where, according to a local tradition, the biblical figure Martha is buried. The church was built half-Romanesque in the 12th century and half-Gothic in the 14th century. The crypt dates from the 3rd century.

Collegiate Sainte-Marthe was dedicated in 1197 and enlarged in the 14th and 15th centuries. The crypt houses the relics of Martha in a sarcophagus of the fourth century.


3.2. Sights Medieval castle

The castle of King Rene fr. The present castle replaced a fortress, built on the site of the Roman town to monitor the border of Provence. After the destruction perpetrated in 1399 by the bands of Raymond de Turenne, the Anjou family decided to rebuild it entirely. The construction of the current castle of Tarascon was started in 1401 by Louis II of Anjou. The construction was continued by his first son, Louis III of Anjou, and was completed in 1449 by his second son, Rene I of Naples Rene dAnjou. Thus, the castle is often referred to as le chateau du roi Rene King Renes castle. It was turned into a military prison in the 17th century, until its acquisition by the state in 1932.

It consists of two independent parts: the South, the stately home, flanked by round towers on the city side and river side with walls of up to 48 m high and square towers and the North, the lower court that defends the rectangular constructions. It stands right on the banks of the Rhone opposite Chateau de Beaucaire, and near St Marthas Collegiate Church. 43°48′22″N 4°39′18″E


3.3. Sights Other historic buildings

Civilian and military architecture
  • Three city gates remain from the former city wall, demolished in 1820: Portail St. Jean, Porte de la Condamine and Porte Jarnegues.
  • Casernes Kilmaine. Former barracks. Since 2012, it house the Tribunal de grande instance court.
  • Historic town centre, including Rue des Halles and its arcades
  • Hotel de Ville town hall, built in 1648 in Baroque style. The statue of St. Martha slaying the Tarasque was conducted by the sculptor Louis Le Male.
Religious architecture
  • Chapelle Saint Gabriel fr. 12th-century Romanesque chapel southeast of the town.
  • Frigolet Abbey
  • Eglise Saint-Jacques fr. Built between 1740 and 1745 in Baroque style by Antoine Damour from Tarascon, following the plans of architect Jean-Baptiste Franque from Avignon
  • Cloitre des Cordeliers. 16th-century cloister

4. Culture

Municipal theater.

A mythological monster, the Tarasque, is said to have lived there at the beginning of the 1st century. It was purportedly tamed by Martha in 48 AD. See Tarasque for details.

The novel Tartarin de Tarascon 1872 and its two sequels Tartarin sur les Alpes 1885 and Port-Tarascon 1890, by Alphonse Daudet, were set here. Since 1985, there has been a small museum in the town, dedicated to the fictional character Tartarin.

A festival is held every year on the last Sunday of June to remember Tartarin and the Tarasque.

Private museum Souleiado. Opened in 1988 in the 17th century hotel dAyminy.


5. Economy

In 2008, the median household income tax was €13.986, placing in Tarascon 29.178th among the 31.604 communes with more than 50 households in France.

Olive oil from the Valley of Baux-de-Provence is a protected designation of origin AOC from an order made by the INAO, the 27 August 1997. The varieties of olives that fall within this order are the Beruguette, Grossane and verdale Bouches-du-Rhone. It also produces crushed olives and black olives included in the order of the INAO. The varieties of olives crushed are salonenque and Beruguette. For black olives the only variety accepted is Grossane.

Apart from agriculture, the industry most easily identifiable around the Alpilles is tourism. Even the wine and olive oil producers take into account the development of tourism and increasingly offer tasting services. There are three main types of tourism in the Alpilles. First, the historical and cultural tourism that relies on a rich historical heritage or festivals. Second, the relaxation tourism resulting in a significant expansion of B&Bs, hotels and rented properties. Finally, the green tourism that benefits from the many hiking trails and protected framework offered by the massif and its surroundings.


6. Personalities

  • Sauvaire Intermet 15.–1657, musician and composer
  • Joseph Roumanille 1818–1891, poet and one of the founders of Felibrige, studied and worked there from 1834 to 1839.
  • Bremonde de Tarascon 1858–1898, poet who wrote in the Occitan language
  • Esprit Flechier 1632–1710, preacher and author, Bishop of Nimes from 1687, spent his early years in Tarascon
  • Joseph ben Abba Mari ben Joseph ben Jacob Caspi 1279 - 1340, prominent Jewish medieval philosopher.
  • Jean Theveney 1866–1960, army officer, was born in Tarascon
  • Leon Menard 1706–1767, lawyer and historical writer, was born in Tarascon
  • Etienne-Michel Faillon 1800-1870, Catholic historian, was born in Tarascon
  • Ricau de Tarascon, Provençal knight and troubadour
  • Jean Gilles 1668–1705, composer, was born in Tarascon
  • S R Crockett 1859-1914 Scottish novelist, lived and died here.
  • Tartarin of Tarascon French: Tartarin de Tarascon is an 1872 novel written by the French author Alphonse Daudet. The Provençal town of Tarascon is so enthusiastic
  • Tarascon - sur - Ariege Languedocien: Tarascon d Arieja is a commune in the Ariege department in southwestern France. Inhabitants of Tarascon - sur - Ariege
  • Tarascon - sur - Ariege is a railway station in Tarascon - sur - Ariege, Occitanie, France. The station is located on the Portet - Saint - Simon Puigcerdà railway
  • The Canton of Tarascon is a former French canton located in the Bouches - du - Rhone departement of France, in the arrondissement of Arles. It was disbanded
  • Jean - Marie Tarascon FRSC is Professor of Chemistry at the College de France in Paris and Director of the French Research Network on Electrochemical Energy
  • Colonel Paul Albert Pierre Tarascon 8 December 1882 11 June 1977 was a World War I flying ace. Despite the handicap of an amputated foot, he was credited
  • Tarascon foaled 12 February 1995 was an Irish Thoroughbred racehorse and broodmare. As a two - year - old in 1997 she was one of the leading fillies of her
  • Ricau de Tarascon also spelled Ricautz or Ricavi was a Provençal knight and troubadour from Tarascon active between 1200 and 1240. He served Count
  • Elisabeth Bremond 28 October 1858 22 June 1898 known as Bremonde de Tarascon was a well known poet from the south of France who wrote in the Occitan
  • Eglise Sainte - Marthe de Tarascon or Collegiale Royale Sainte - Marthe is a collegiate church in Tarascon France, dedicated to Saint Martha. It is where
  • The Treaty of Tarascon was an accord between Pope Nicholas IV, Philip IV of France, Charles II of Naples, and Alfonso III of Aragon that was intended to
  • fractions. He taught astronomy and mathematics in Orange and later lived in Tarascon both towns in the Holy Roman Empire that are now part of modern - day France
  • Sainte - Marthe, Tarascon La resurrection de Lazare 1747 Eglise Sainte - Marthe, Tarascon L embarquement de sainte Marthe 1751 Eglise Sainte - Marthe, Tarascon L arrivee
  • out of the territory of Arles. The Occitan language poet Bremonde de Tarascon 1858 98 grew up on the Darbousille farm at Fontvieille, where she died
  • sting. Other legends report it as living on the modern site of the Chateau Tarascon i.e. on a rock in the midst of the Rhone. According to the Golden Legend
  • Provençal poet and journal editor. Joseph Desanat was born in 1796 in Tarascon Desanat was first a courtier. He then moved to Marseille, where he made
  • 1800 the arrondissements of Marseille, Aix and Tarascon were established. In 1817 Arles replaced Tarascon as subprefecture. The arrondissement of Istres
  • 13061 Saint - Remy - de - Provence 13100 Tarascon 13108 Verquieres 13116 The arrondissement of Tarascon was created in 1800. The subprefecture was
  • is located 2 km north of Tarascon - sur - Ariege and some 11 km south of Foix. Access to the commune is by road D88 from Tarascon - sur - Ariege in the south passing
  • busts or reliefs of members of this society. Jean - Barnabe Amy was born in Tarascon Bouches - du - Rhone, on 11 June 1839. His parents were Jean Amy born 1800
  • brother, he restored the pipe organ inside the Eglise Sainte - Marthe in Tarascon The following year, in 1743, he built the pipe organ inside the Eglise
  • shepherdess was a pas d armes organized in 1449 by Rene of Anjou in Tarascon in southern France. The event started on May 1, 1449, and lasted for three

  • canton reorganisation which came into effect in March 2015. Its seat is in Tarascon - sur - Ariege. It consists of the following communes: Alliat Arignac Arnave
  • 1831 - 1832 catalogue from the Audibert brothers nursery at Tonelle, near Tarascon in France. Audibert described the tree as having spotted leaves. No specimens
  • north - west of Saint - Remy - de - Provence and 15 km 9.3 mi north - east of Tarascon Maillane was the birthplace of the 19th century poet Frederic Mistral
  • of Beaucaire close to the confluence of the Gardon. Its closest town is Tarascon where the Festival of the Tarasque monster is held every year on the last
  • rubric in these works gives the author as Ricautz de Tarascon e.n Guis de Cavaillon: Ricau de Tarascon and Lord Gui de Cavalhon In all other cases where
  • Driss Himmes born September 30, 1983 in Tarascon is a French professional football player who currently plays for Olympique Ales. Driss Himmes profile
  • including: Roman Catholic churches: Europe: Eglise Sainte - Marthe de Tarascon in Tarascon France United States: St. Martha Catholic Church in Morton Grove
  • Tarusco or Tarasco Tarascon Arelate Arles Glanum Saint - Remy - de - Provence and Ernaginum Saint - Gabriel, now part of Tarascon Also Sallyes, Saluvii

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Tarascon Occitan: Tarascon, sometimes referred to as Tarascon sur Rhone, is a commune situated at the extreme west of the Bouches du Rhone department. 20 Best Hotels in Tarascon sur Ariege. Hotels from $55 night KAYAK. Discover Tarasque in Tarascon, France: Sculpture of a legendary French dragon.

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Looking for Tarascon? Find out information about Tarascon. The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia. It might be outdated or ideologically. Top Fun Things to Do in Tarascon sur Ariege 2020 Airbnb®. Lounge, kitchen diner, shower room with basin no toilet, separate toilet, 2 double bedrooms, double sofa bed in lounge. Oil heating, washing machine,. Tarascon Stagecoach L.1988.62.11. Tarascon, sometimes referred to as Tarascon sur Rhone, is a commune situated at the extreme west of the Bouches du Rhone department of France in the.

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City of Bouches du Rhone, Provence Alpes Cote dAzur region, Tarascon, or Tarascon sur Rhone, takes place on the banks of the Rhone, on the edge of the. The Road to Tarascon The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation. Tarascon map Tarascon Michelin maps, with map scales from 1 000 to 1 ​200 000. Tarascon sur Ariege to Andorra 2 ways to travel via train, bus, and. Over the past 25 years, Tarascon Publishing has established a worldwide reputation for its acclaimed series of must have clinical pocketbooks written by.

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Tartarin of Tarascon is an 1872 novel written by the French author Alphonse Daudet. 30 Best Tarascon Hotels in 2020 Great Savings & Reviews of. Tarascon en Provence is on Facebook. To connect with Tarascon en Provence, log in or create an account. Log In. or. Create New Account. Tarascon en.

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A scenic riverfront, restaurants, and sights from Pyrenees Ariegeoises Regional Natural Park to Grotte de Sabart discover it all in Tarascon sur Ariege. 7 Best Tarascon, France ideas tarascon, south of france, van gogh art. Save on popular hotels near Chateau de Tarascon, St. Remy de Provence: Browse Expedias selection of 2824 hotels and places to stay closest to Chateau de. Two Medieval Occitan Toll Registers from Tarascon on JSTOR. Van Gogh wrote that the subject of this painting was suggested by Alphonse Daudets novel Tartarin de Tarascon 1872, in which an old stagecoach from. TARASCON SUR ARIEGE, Le Pre Lombard French Campsites. The twin towns of Tarascon and Beaucaire in the South of France arent popular tourist destinations, but their castles mean theyre still worth.

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Tarascon sur Ariege Weather forecast from. Weather conditions with updates on temperature, humidity, wind speed, snow, pressure, etc. for. Airport Near Tarascon, Provence Alpes Cote dAzur, France. This powerful fortress in Bouches du Rhone ancient Provence was begun in the 12th century by Charles I of Anjou, brother of Saint Louis, the French regent. Tarascon en Provence Videos Facebook. Prof Jean Marie Tarascon is a globally renowned researcher and the head of the CSE lab. Learn more about his biography & CV and his outreach and teaching. Tarascon pedia. The text of this edition of Tartarin de Tarascon is that of the Collection Guillaume, published byErnest Flammarion, Paris. Excisions to the extent of one seventh. Hotels near Chapelle Saint Gabriel de Tarascon, Tarascon. Tarascon is a railway station in Tarascon, Provence Alpes Cote dAzur, southern France. History. A first station was built on the site in 1848. The building.

Visit Tarascon sur Ariege: 2021 Travel Guide for Tarascon sur.

The cheapest way to get from Tarascon sur Ariege to Andorra costs only 11€, and the quickest way takes just 1¼ hours. Find the travel option that best suits you. Tarascon Trip Planner Plan your Tarascon vacation itinerary. Tarascon is actually a really nice little city too, and its perfect for making day trips to neighbouring towns and cities in Provence. Would definit. The Paintings Tarascon Diligence Vincent van Gogh. Tarascon pulled off an almost fairytale success in yesterdays Airlie Coolmore Irish 1000 Guineas at the Curragh when guided….

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Weather Forecast Tarascon 13150 Bouches du Rhone ☼ Longitude 4.66 Latitude 43.81 Altitude 13m ☀ Provence Alpes Cote dAzur egalement appelee. Tarascon 2020: Best of Tarascon, France Tourism Tripadvisor. The Museum is now temporarily closed in accordance with government advice. Explore online. Close alert. Tarascon. Information Related objects. Also known. Tarascon station pedia. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Tartarin de Tarascon, by Alphonse Daudet This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. Tartarin de Tarascon, by A. Daudet Project Gutenberg. Looking to rent a car in Tarascon for your next trip? Reserve a rental car with Hotwires daily Hot Rate deals to find the best deals across all your favorite car.

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Tarascon Stagecoach, 1888 La Diligence de Tarascon Vincent Van Gogh ​Dutch, 1853–1890. Oil on canvas 71.4 x 92.5 cm. 28 1 8 x 36 7 16 in. frame: 99.5. Paris to Tarascon sur Rhone by Train from $27.94 Trainline. Find activities to book and tips and recommendations from the locals who know Tarascon sur Ariege best. Tartarin of Tarascon wand. The Castle is located on the banks of the Rhone River in Tarascon, which is about 20 km north of Arles. It is an impressive castle on the outside with massive​.

Arles Tarascon, France Food & Wine Trails.

Tarascon and P. Warren, U.S. Patent 5.418.091. Google Scholar.: T. Gozdz, C. Schmutz, J. M. Tarascon Tourism, Holidays & Weekends France Voyage. Vincent van Gogh The Road to Tarascon La route de Tarascon. Top 10 Hotels Closest to Chateau de Tarascon in St. Remy de. Lemon Hotel Tarascon in Tarascon Provence Alpes Cote dAzur HRS Best ​price guarantee Real hotel reviews Free cancellation. Tarascon sur Ariege Air Quality Index AQI and France Air Pollution. Explore an array of Tarascon, FR vacation rentals, including houses, private villas & more bookable online. Choose from more than 2500 properties, ideal house.

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River Cruises that depart from Tarascon River Cruise ship itineraries sailing out of Tarascon. Map of Tarascon Michelin Tarascon map ViaMichelin. Tarascon is a commercial and administrative centre as well as a processing and distribution hub for produce from the surrounding agricultural region. Tourism has​. Tarascon History, Geography, & Points of Interest Britannica. Продолжительность: 2:54. The Tarascon Diligence, 1888 by Vincent Van Gogh. Travel by train from Paris to Tarascon sur Rhone in 3h 25m. Get train times, compare prices & buy cheap train tickets for Paris to Tarascon sur Rhone today.

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TARASCON, town in S. France, south of Avignon. The earliest evidence of Jews in Tarascon is a fragment of a Hebrew inscription dating from 1193, probably. Cheap Car Rentals in Tarascon, St. Remy de Provence Hotwire. Tarascon Diligence. Oil on canvas 72.0 x 92.0 cm. Arles: October, 1888. F 478a, JH 1605. Princeton: The Art Museum. Return to Van Gogh paintings page. Tarasque – Tarascon, France Atlas Obscura. Airport near Tarascon, Provence Alpes Cote dAzur, France, Neraest airports around Tarascon, Provence Alpes Cote dAzur, France are displayed on map with.

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