Топ-100 ⓘ Dragon Cone is a monogenetic cinder cone located in Wells Gr

ⓘ Dragon Cone is a monogenetic cinder cone located in Wells Gray Provincial Park in east-central British Columbia. It is the source of a 15 km long lava flow, cal ..


ⓘ Dragon Cone

Dragon Cone is a monogenetic cinder cone located in Wells Gray Provincial Park in east-central British Columbia. It is the source of a 15 km long lava flow, called Dragons Tongue. This lava covered the floor of narrow Falls Creek Valley and terminated at the Clearwater River, damming it to a height of 3 m and raising the level of existing Clearwater Lake upstream. Geologists have recovered some peat buried by the lava and radiocarbon dating produced an age of 7560 years plus or minus 100 years. Flows from nearby Flourmill Cone, Kostal Cone and Spanish Lake Cones rest on glaciated bedrock without an intervening paleosol, suggesting an early Holocene age.

Visits to Dragon Cone are very rare due to difficult access. The nearest trail is the overgrown Kostal Lake Trail, over 5 km 3.1 mi to the south. Falls Creek is impassable for boats. The cone is best viewed from the air, but float plane landings on nearby Ray Lake are not permitted.

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  • last glacial period others include the Dragon s Tongue lava flow from Dragon Cone just north of Kostal Cone and the Flourmill Volcanoes north of Mahood
  • Cone British Columbia Volcano Mountain, Yukon Atlin Volcanic Field, British Columbia Buck Hill, British Columbia Cache Hill, British Columbia Dragon
  • far northern sky The Dragon a grouping of galaxies in the field of Abell 370 Dragon Utah, United States, a ghost town Dragon Cone a volcano in the British
  • Dragon and Market Time operations, patrolled on search and rescue duties, and carried out Naval Gunfire Support missions during the Vietnam War. Cone s
  • an early Holocene age. Eruptions near Ray Lake built a cinder cone known as Dragon Cone and concluded with an approximately 16 km 9.9 mi long a ā lava
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  • The jacky dragon Amphibolurus muricatus is a type of lizard native to southeastern Australia. It was one of the first Australian reptiles to be named
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  • Cumference and the Dragon of Pi 1999 Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland 2001 Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone 2003 Sir Cumference
  • seen from Clearwater Lake. Dragon Cone just east of Ray Lake, erupted about 7, 500 years ago and the lava, called the Dragon s Tongue, flowed 15 km 9
  • 14 - second burn to put Dragon into low - Earth orbit. Forty seconds after second - stage ignition, Dragon s protective nose cone which covers Dragon s berthing mechanism
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